Is this for real?

When Emily and her boyfriend, James, get into a little 'trouble' they have to make some big choices for only being high schoolers. But first Emily's life get a little messed up by her mistake.


6. Chapter 6

Emily's POV

"Oh my god." I breathed out, staring at the tester in James' hand.

"Congrats." He said in a small voice looking down to meet my eyes.

"James, I can't do this." I looked down with a worried look.

"Hey," he tilted my head up so I met his eyes, "I believe that you can. But I guess if you don't want to we could..."

I knew what he was about to say. "No. We aren't doing an abortion. I'm not gonna kill a child before it even has the chance to see the world." I looked at him with a stern face. He smiled.

"I hoped you would say that. If it's that you don't want to raise the child-" i cut him off once more.

"No. I'm not giving up this child." I said staring right into James' bright blue eyes.

"Okay then. Looks like we're having a baby." He spoke softly and put on a smile.

"I guess so." I said returning the smile. But it was slightly forced. Yet he still pulled me in for a hug. I placed my ear to his chest so I could hear his heart beating. I was and am still afraid to have this child. And what will my parents say?! I dont know if I could give the baby the home it deserves.

"James," i said slightly pulling out of the hug so we were looking into each other's eyes.


"I was just thinking. How will I be able to raise a child?"

"You won't be." I stared at him confused.


"We will be. I'm not gonna leave you to raise a kid on your own. Never gonna happen. I'm here for you and the baby, and I always will be." He smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist, placing one hand higher than the other so it was on my upper back, pulling my into him. I took in the smell of his cologne. It smelt great.

"What about my parents?" I mumbled into his shirt.

"Hmm?" He asked releasing me.

"My parents."

"We'll tell them together. Tell them it was an accident. That we never meant for this to happen."

"Okay, but what if they get mad for me having sex?" I spoke in one of my softest voices. I turned to look down at the tile floor, I forgot we were still in the bathroom. I wanted to get out of this room because it felt so inclosed and I just couldn't take it.

"It'll be fine. Trust me." Then i felt an arm around my shoulders and my stress was finally going down.

"Okay. Can we get out of here?" I asked him looking around the bathroom.

"Yeah sure." He laughing and we walked out.









Author's Note

Sorry for taking sometime to update. I was pretty busy this weekend and wasn't able to update. I have quite a bit planned for this story but there's just so much going on in my life that it may take sometime so please be patient with me. Thanks! 

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