Is this for real?

When Emily and her boyfriend, James, get into a little 'trouble' they have to make some big choices for only being high schoolers. But first Emily's life get a little messed up by her mistake.


5. Chapter 5

James' POV

I was sitting on my couch waiting for Emily with a bag of buttered popcorn and Netflix turned on. I didn't quite understand why she was coming over, but a movie sounded great after practice. I started to search through the movies when the doorbell rang. I got up and walked across the living room to the door and opened it.

She just stood there, wearing a fake smile. She had a cute outfit on and it really lightened my somewhat tired mood. 

"Hey," she said with a little weak smile.

"Hey, come in." I said opening up the door wider so she could step in.

"Thanks," she said walking in towards the couch.

"Of course. So you'd you wanna come over. Not that I don't want you here." I said to her taking a seat next to her on the couch.

" just..." She started to trail off in her sentence and turning to look at the door and away from me.

"What is it? You can tell me." I spoke softly, placing my hand on her leg/thigh making her look back at me. 

"Well, I-I-I-" she paused for a second and put her hand into her purse. "Yesterday when we know... well I thought... I thought..." She paused and sighed, sadness filling her eyes. I looked directly at her taking her hand in mine. I noticed a tear fall from her face.

"James, I forgot to take the pill so for all I-we- know I could be pregnant." When she finished speaking she started crying so I held her head to my chest, letting it get soaked by her tears. Her hand was now out of her purse and around my waist as I held her to me. She might be pregnant? I might be a father?


Emily's POV

I couldn't handle the thought of being a mom in high school. Of being a 16 year old mother is something that I cannot do! All I could do right now was cry.

"Babe," James said into my hair with a soft voice. I nodded letting him know that I was listening. "We don't even know if you are pregnant, you could not be."

I removed my face from his shirt and noticed how wet I had gotten it. "Sorry." I said looking at the giant wet spot.

"Don't worry about it." He said with a smile.

"About not knowing if I'm pregnant or not, I stopped by the store on my way here. You know just to be sure." I said while he watched me lean to my left to take the pregnancy tester out of my purse.

"No matter what it says, just know that I love you. And if it comes back positive...then I would be honored to have your-our- child." As James was speaking I let a few more tears fall, but hiding them from him.

"When are your parents coming back?" I asked him while I stood up to go to the bathroom.

"In another week. Why?" He said looking confused, in a cute way.

"Just wondering." I smiled a little smile then walked down the hall, followed by James. When I got to the bathroom I told him to wait out here and when the results were coming up I would call him in. It took me forever to figure out how to use it, but finally I figured it out. I placed it on the white counter, upside down so I couldn't see the results. After a few minutes I called in James.

"How's it going?" He asked leaning up against the white wall in the bathroom. I looked at him through the mirror, that covered the entire area above the counter, and pointed towards the tester. 

"Have you checked it yet?" He took it in his hand, still holding it upside down. I shook my head no.

"Wanna do it together?" He said wrapping his free arm around my shoulders, pulling me closer to him. I nodded again, but this time I nodded yes.

"Okay then. 1...2...3..." He turned it over. I saw two pink lines. I'm pregnant.

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