Is this for real?

When Emily and her boyfriend, James, get into a little 'trouble' they have to make some big choices for only being high schoolers. But first Emily's life get a little messed up by her mistake.


2. Chapter 2

Emily's POV

After first and second periods were over I went back to my locker to get my books for my next two classes. When I had put my books into my locker I grabbed the next two and put them in. I wanted some gum so I opened up the smallest pocket to my backpack, the one where I put my gum, feminine  products (including a few pills for when I go over to James' house), and my phone. While moving things aside to get to the gum, I noticed a the little bag that I kept with a few pills. Yesterday I had one's still there! shit! Without even thinking I pulled out my phone, opening up to text James even though he's at school. We go to different schools, since he transferred at the end of last year.

Hey, um i was wondering what your doing after school today? I kinda want/need to see you. We need to talk. I took a look at it then sent it. I figured he wouldn't be able to text me back so I started to put my phone away when it vibrated with a text from him.

Umm i have football practice today, its Monday remember, but after you can come over. Is something wrong? Are you okay? I read his text thinking wether or not I wanted to tell him that there's a slight chance that I'm pregnant because I forgot to take the pill, but i decided that I would just wait until i saw him later today.

Yeah im fine. Just want to see you. Sorry if i worried you. I gtg to class. Call you after school? I sent it and closed my locker to get to the next class.

K. Have a great day. Love ya. He's so dayum sweet.

While I was walking to my next class Jessica and Jenna, 2/6 of the populars (me being another 1/6) , came up to walk with me.

"Hey, Emily." Jenna said flicking one of her curled blonde strands off her shoulder.

"Hey." I said not really paying attention to the girls. I was busy trying to convince myself that I was not and could not be pregnant.

"Emily!" Jessica shouted waving a hand in front of my face bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Huh? What? Sorry." I said as we turned a corner into Mr. Blake's classroom.

"I said how are things with James. But I guess you'll have to let us know later." She had a touch of annoyance in her voice as she took her seat two rows in front of me, with Jenna to her left. 


I couldn't focus durning the rest of the day. Even when Amy Longstem told me that Bret Collins, captain of the schools football team, liked me. I don't even care if he liked me, after all I already have a boyfriend who is even better that him at football. Then the end of school finally came around.

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