Joey's Best Friend

Joey meets girl Her name is Bella she loves him. She has have a crush on him since I don't know. But she finally got tickets to vidcon to see Joey graceffa


7. Worst day ever!!!!

                                                                               Bella's POV                                                                                         As i was crying Joey kissed my head i felt safe around him. I know we weren't dating but a kiss is just a kiss and we only kissed it was a dare so we aren't yet a couple or i think. "What happened in your dream Bella." "Nothing just my family." "What about your family." "I don't want to talk about right now." "Ok, I will be right back i have to use the bathroom." "alright." I walk over to Joeys computer to see his messages. I looked at one and it said *Sorry i can't come over i am with Bella but i miss you the most♥!* *I don't care but i want you to come over so i can kiss you Joey!* * I know I know i will get out soon ok?* *ok ♥!* I started to cry even more i look at the name her name was Carly. Then Joey comes in the room. I run to the bed crying. "Bella what's wrong!?" "You never liked me Joey you were cheating on me! after that kiss you said it meant something that you felt a spark and you said you liked me was that all fake!!!!" I yell "What are you talking about?" "Your messages!" " Oh you read them i am so sorry Bella. It was a one time thing." Joey come over to cuddle me but I just run out of the room and ran to Celia's apartment.                                                                                                                                                            Joey's POV                                                                                              I watched as she ran out of the room. I started to cry i really messed up it was a one time thing but it should be a zero time thing and wait. It wasn't my fault that Carly's kissed also had a spark and we messaged each other a lot. But Bella was sleeping with me in my bed and i cooked her a romantic dinner but now i lost her and have Carly i don't want Carly i want Bella. I need to find Sawyer. I went to Sawyer's house i knocked on the door of Sawyer's house. " Hey Joey how are you? Come in!" I looked around to see all the things packed. " Where are you moving to?'' " Oh I am moving in with Celia." "Oh." " Why do you look bummed out bro?'' I sat on the couch. " I made a mistake Sawyer i was with another girl after me and Bella kissed." " What!? So when you said you needed to go to work you were lying!?!" "Yea." I said as my voice started to break. "Dude i can't help you with this you make it right." " But Sawyer she already hates me, she read through them and say what we sent while i was in the bathroom she was so sad.And she had a nightmare before this and she cried her eyes out and ran out the door." "Dude like i just said you YOU! Need to fix things."                                                                                                                                                Bella's POV                                                                                     "That's why i left Joey's place." "Bella I am so sorry." " No don't be sorry for what he did."        "Crap!" "What?" "Sawyer is come with Joey here." " hide me!" " Behind the sofa!.'' I jumped behind the sofa as Joey and Sawyer walked through the door. "Did she already tell you?" Asked Joey "What do you think Joey." "I messed up Celia i want her not Carly!" Yelled Joey as he hit the wall. "I never meant to hurt her i loved her cause today i had a necklace for her. I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend today." " Sometimes Joey i doesn't work out you need to tell her your sorry and put your whole heart in it." " I will i have to go i need to right it all down on paper!" Joeay said as he walked out of the door. I came up behind Sawyer and scared the living daylight out of him.    "You heard him Bella a sorry thing a mu jig." " I just hope thing will go back to normal in the future."

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