Joey's Best Friend

Joey meets girl Her name is Bella she loves him. She has have a crush on him since I don't know. But she finally got tickets to vidcon to see Joey graceffa


9. The accident

Bella's POV. As I was running people were pushing telling to get out the way and then when we got to a tall set of stairs some pushes and I mean pushes me. I then start to roll down that thing and the worst part was it was metal. "Steph!!!!" I hear as I blank out. Joey' POV. I saw Steph fall down I run to her she has bruises everywhere and she has blood but she wasn't dead. I start to recorded as they put her I those things an to the ambulance. I start to cry as I vlog. "Hey guys I just saw something horrible Steph fell down the whole flight of stairs. I think someone pushed her cause she is a careful person. I jut hope she's okay well May the odds be ever in your favor goodbye!" I drive to the hostpital and go to her room. I find her awake "Hi Joey" she said as she started to cry and I walk over to her. "Don't cry Steph." "Someone pushed me I know it." "Don't worry about that right now Steph." " I will come home tonight." "Alright I love you Steph." "Love you too." I kiss her and leave. *Later that night* I wait for Steph to open the doors and I am up till 3 for her then I fall asleep in the bed she comes home a lil after 4 she walk I the bedroom a little limpy but other than that she was fine. I wake up first and I get my whole day planned out. Bella's POV. I wake up to see Joey on the computer "good morning Steph." He says as he walks up to me on his knees and kisses me. "My legs hurt." "I would figure that fall really must have hurt." Ok since it is 5 I will help you get dress and we have a date."

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