Joey's Best Friend

Joey meets girl Her name is Bella she loves him. She has have a crush on him since I don't know. But she finally got tickets to vidcon to see Joey graceffa


12. Planning

*Stephs POV* Joey just asked me to marry him I am freaking out. My friends always said "you will never meet him. He's to good for you. Joey wouldn't date you if you 2 were the last people on earth." Oh and I am leaving in 5 days to film street dance so excited for that. I walk in to our bedroom. "Hey there Steph" Joey said "Hey Joey ." "I will miss you in 5 days. My fiancé is going to be I a movie!" He walking up and wrapped his arms around my waist. I kissed him. "Well you know you never met my family." "You want me to go meet your family alone Steph!?" "Ya my dad wouldn't want me there any way so go for it before it's to late. I'll call them right now." "Ok I guess." *Joeys POV*. I was really nervous but her saying something about her dad not wanting her there any ways gave me a idea about her dream maybe it was about her dad. I watched her grab her phone and calm her mom. "Hey mom I was wondering if it would be ok if Joey would come over to meet you." "No I am not coming with him I have a movie." "Thank you so much mom I love you!!" "Joey she said yes!" "Really?" "Really!" I am going to be messed up when I meet her family ALONE!!!!!!!!!!! But I have her for another day before I go I meet her family. "Hey how about we go see Sawyer and Celia?" I asked "Ok let's go". *10 minutes later*. We walk up to their house. Knock knock. We hear one if them run down the stairs. "Oh hey guys!" Sawyer said "hey Sawyer." I said "Well come on in!" We walk in and there house was amazing but I was surprised it was clean. "Umm where's Celia?" Asked Steph. " Here I am!!" She said as me and Steph mouth opened "umm are you umm.... Pregnat??" Steph asked. "Ya sorry I didn't tell you my phone is at the shop." "It's ok I am just glad to see you ok!" "Well Sawyer has been taking care of me." Nice to know." "But me and Sawyer at about to head out to the plane." "Where are you guys going?" I asked. "I am taking her to meet my family." Sawyer said. "Oh we'll have fun me and Steph are heading back home." "Bye have fun" Steph said. We walk back to our car. "I can't wait to be married with you Joey." She said as I put my arms around her. "I can't wait either. *The next day*. We wake up on our bed with yesterday's clothes on. "Morning handsome." I hear her say. "Morning." I get up and get some of my things pack and clothe on and we eat breakfast. "I'll miss you Joey." "I'll. is you too." I drive to the airport. *at the house* "Well here I am in front if her house about to meet her family." I say to myself I knock on there door. It opens. " must be Joey Snot buckets fiancé." I had a feeling that this wasn't going to go so great.

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