Joey's Best Friend

Joey meets girl Her name is Bella she loves him. She has have a crush on him since I don't know. But she finally got tickets to vidcon to see Joey graceffa


3. Omg I am with!

Me and Celia get to Los Angeles so I am going to make a YouTube channel I already have blogs cause ya know.i pull out my camera " Hey guys I am in Los Angeles I am so happy I am staying here for 3 months. I will be at Vidcon so ya." I turn off my camera and put it away. We get to Vidcon and I looked at his twitter he's here. I went to him and we talked I gave him a note that had my number on it I never felt so happy in my life ever ever even when my mom gave me my first car I feel more happy than that. I hope he reads it and calls me. Joeys POV : I get home bored so I read the paper Bella gave to me. I read it and it was her number since I was bored I might As well call. But I started I smile when I looked at this. I do t smile when I read my fans phone numbers but tho one I don't know she was cute though her green eyes. Wait what ok I am 22 she 19 we'll as some people say age is just a number. So I don't know I don't have feeling for her. But she is pretty but now I call.

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