Joey's Best Friend

Joey meets girl Her name is Bella she loves him. She has have a crush on him since I don't know. But she finally got tickets to vidcon to see Joey graceffa


11. Is this Really happening! short chapter

Joey's POV: I was in the kitchen looking at Steph making some pancakes. "Joey can you grab me the pan please?" "Sure thing." I grab the pan and give it to her. "Thank you Joey." "Do you want me to take your makeup off of you?"

"I don't know I don't trust yuk with my makeup." "Come on!" "Fine!" I lead her to our bedroom and stop." "I thought we were going to the bath room so you can take off my mak-" I interrupted her by going down on one knee. "I have known you for long time now Steph and the first time I called you I was smiling full of joy."I pull out a ring box "Stephine Lee Montgomery will you marry me?" She starts to cry "yes Joey I will marry you!" I get up and put the ring on here and kissed her.

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