Joey's Best Friend

Joey meets girl Her name is Bella she loves him. She has have a crush on him since I don't know. But she finally got tickets to vidcon to see Joey graceffa


14. Chapter 10

                                                                       Joeys POV

              "Well let him in dear."said Stephs mom. He lets me in but the only thing i can smell is alcohol. "Well I'm Barbra this is John. Please make your self at home." "Thank you." I said "Well I have to go to work bye you guys." Barbra says. "Well....Go do something useful." I walk in to Stephs room and it's mostly black and white.I look to the ground and see something red but I'm thinking it's part of the carpet. I take out my phone and call Stephine. "Hey Steph" "Hey Joey. How is it going so far?" "Good your mom just left for work." "Oh..........well be careful." "Okay Love you." "Love you too." Then he heard something, something loud and and grunt. -Bang-                             






Sorry for such a short chapter, and I do have another person with me my co-author. I am really happy that 100 people read this book though.Well I hope you guys like it bye!!   


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