The Princess and the Prince

So, let's see. I met One Direction, and a guy named Noah. I'm apparently 'friends with benefits' with Mr. One and Only, Niall Horan. I'm pregnant with his child. My parents hate me. My ex-boyfriend is out to kill me. And now it turns out that Noah guy was actually Niall in disguise, and he didn't tell me for 9 months. I feel so loved!


6. Chapter Six

Niall's POV:

I ran out the front doors of the mall.

Dear Lord, what has Harry done? He revealed himself to Lindsay, that's what. And probably did it in front of a whole bunch of girls.

He was acting pretty normal, doing the American accent and being 'Henry'. But that was after I slapped him in the face when he almost called me Niall, and hit him in the gut when he almost said Harry.

I frantically looked around. I pulled out my phone and started calling his number. I ran around half the mall already, sprinting quickly.

"Come on you little shit, pick up!" I yelled at my phone. People looked at me, giving me strange looks but I ignored them.

"Helloooo?" Harry's voice came out of my speaker.

"You idiot, where are you?" I shouted.

"Safe in..." He paused. "Staff room."

"Where the hell is that?"

"I don't know. I kinda ran outside with Lindsay, and we found this door so we ran in. The girls lost us, though." He explained. I heard Lindsay say something in the background.

I turned a corner, and ran into a whole bunch of girls.

"Oh shit—Um, hi," I awkwardly said. They stared at me, and then continued on, searching.

"I just ran into them. You guys can't be far," I said into my phone, glancing around.

"Who are you talking to, Harry?" Lindsay asked.

"Uh... Louis." He said.

"LDNGSKBFKS (Yes, that's what it sounded like. Just a whole bunch of random letters.) CAN I TALK TO HIM?" She screamed.

"I um.. Oh no, Louis! I think we are losing connection!" And then he hung up. Well, at least he didn't want to spoil it that Noah was actually Niall. I give him props for that.

I walked a few more minutes, before finding the Staff door.

I opened it, and stepped in.

Lindsay and Harry sat on the floor, talking. They looked at me.

"Noah?" Lindsay looked at me, raising an eyebrow.

"Hey Lindsay, hi Harry," I said casually. Lindsay furrowed her eyebrows, probably wondering why Noah was acting so casual around a famous person. I caught on quickly.

"I mean... Oh my God! Harry Styles! Let's go have gay sex in the back of a taxi!" I yelled awkwardly, before grabbing Harry's hand, and dragging him out.

I slammed the door shut on Lindsay's face, and ran. I dragged Harry with me through the parking lot. He pulled up his hood, and started following.

"Harry!" We heard Lindsay yell.

"Crap, run!" I yelled, and then we started to sprint. We ran onto the streets, right in front of a taxi. We waved our arms, and the taxi driver stopped.

I opened the back door, and yanked the person out that was in there. I shoved Harry inside, and then got in myself.

"Go go go! California Flores Hotel please!" I instructed. The driver went off with no question.

I and Harry started laughing.

"I don't know man, I think she bought it. 'Harry Styles? Let's go... have gay sex in the back of a taxi!'" Harry exclaimed, laughing. I laughed even harder.

"It was the last thing I could come up with! And Lindsay and Electra know Noah is a Directioner, so why wouldn't he if he had the opportunity?" I asked, in my Irish accent again. Harry burst into another fit of laughter, and I soon did too.

"Ah geez. We're going to have a lot to explain to the press, the boys, Paul, only if pictures get out, and Electra and Lindsay." Harry said. I chuckled.

"Oh well. You still going to the party tonight with Lindsay?" I asked. He shrugged.

"Why not? I got her number, and she likes me for me. Not for Harry Styles. She liked me as 'Henry'." Harry explained. "What about you? Electra's gonna think Noah kidnapped Harry."

I chuckled. "I'll come up with something."

Later that night, I got several texts from Electra. I finally replied to one.

"Calm down love. Ill explain tonight."

I didn't get an answer after that.

I checked Twitter, and saw thousands of new pictures of Harry running from fans with Lindsay. I started laughing again. I and Harry explained to the boys what had happened.

I looked at myself in the mirror. Electra had texted me before the mall that the party was going to be in the dark, so I wasn't going to wear a hat or sunglasses.

I fixed my hair, and got dressed. I wore a pair of low-crotch, washed black jeans, with a plain red shirt.

Harry wore grey jeans, and a blue sweater. He fixed his hair again, and we left the bathroom of our hotel room.

Zayn, Liam and Louis smiled at us.

"Remember Niall. Don't get any girls pregnant." Liam said seriously. I rolled my eyes.

"I'm not going to, Liam."

"I and Zayn are going to roam the streets again." Louis said.

"I'll come this time so I'm not lonely," Liam added.

I chuckled. "You guys have fun. Come on Harry!"

And then we were off to the party.

We took a cab to the house I was addressed to. I could tell right away it was the right house. I grinned at Harry.

"Remember. American accents," I said. He smiled and nodded, and then we got out. The house was dark, with flashing lights, and music blared loudly from the windows.

It was already dark out, so it was about 9 Pm.

We greeted people as we walked up to the door. We just walked inside since no one was going to answer, anyways.

People were dancing everywhere. All the girls had extremely short skirts on, and tops that went down very low. I blinked, looking to Harry.

He was smiling and nodding, looking around at all the girls.

"What are you doing?" I asked him, raising an eyebrow.

"Picturing alllll of them naked..." He smirked, and then looked at me from head to toe. He frowned. "Ew. You don't look good naked." He then wandered off.

I sighed, and squirmed around people to the food table.

I stood there, with a cup of beer in my hand for God knows how long. I just watched the people dance. Man. I was stood up horribly.


At first I didn't answer, forgetting I was Noah for the night. But I turned when someone tapped my shoulder.

I choked on my breath, staring at the girl before me. She had the dress on from earlier, and earrings to match it. She wore high heels, making her almost the same height as I. She wore makeup on her eyes, making them look dark and mysterious but beautiful at the same time. And her hair fell in perfect waves on her shoulders.

(A/N: Electra's outfit: electra_party_outfit/set?id=48068307)

"E-Electra... Um, hi!" I said awkwardly, over the loud music. She grinned, looking up at me.

"I was looking for you and I couldn't find you!" She had to yell so I could hear her. I nodded.

"Sorry! I was just standing here, looking for you too!" I said. She smiled.

"I think you have some explaining to do. Should we go outside for awhile?" I nodded, and we both walked out to the back yard. There were people making out, so we walked to the side of the house and sat on the grass.

It was dark, and I could barely see her, so I didn't expect her to be able to see me.

"I heard you kidnapped Harry Styles." She said. It was much quieter out here, even though you could hear the music perfectly. It just wasn't as aloud. I laughed.

"Yeah... About that. When I went off to find Henry, I found him with a whole bunch of girls, including Lindsay; surrounding Harry. So I thought I'd help Harry..." I said, coming up with the story in my head.

"How'd you save him?" She asked. I shrugged, trying to think.

"I helped him run and er, we got into a taxi and hung out at his hotel..." I said.

"Oh my God, you hung out with Harry Styles? Were the other boys there?" She asked, clenching onto my hand I didn't realize she was holding until now. I looked at our hands, and nodded.

"Yeah. They were." I answered.

"Tell me. How did Niall look?" She questioned, staring at me. I blinked, looking at her.

"U-um... like... Niall?" I said, my voice almost cracking.

"What did he smell like?"

I paused, and glanced away. "He smells.. like me. I guess we wear the same cologne..."

Electra scooted closer to me, putting her head on my lap. I shifted awkwardly, feeling myself blushing.

"Then you both smell good. I like that. It's a turn on," She giggled, and I nodded.

"Sorry. I made it awkward." She whispered after we were both quiet.

"It-it's okay," I cleared my throat when my voice cracked. She giggled, and sat up, off my lap.

I stood up immediately, and she followed.

"Wanna go inside and get something to drink?" I asked. She nodded, and we walked back in again.

We both got a red plastic cup, and began drinking away. We played all sorts of drinking games with other people, involving a lot of shots.

After a few hours, my head felt extremely fuzzy and I was tipsy. Electra was the same.

I sent her a smile while we were playing truth or dare and she giggled, and then grabbed my shirt.

"You are very attractive without your hat and glasses on, Noahhh," She slurred.

"I-I was hoping for that," I stuttered and then hiccupped. She giggled, and sat on my lap, wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck.

Everyone by now was drunk, and it was about midnight. So no one even noticed Harry and I, since we stopped the music and turned on some lights.

She scooted closer onto me, and smiled. I let out a weird giggle, before I kissed her nose.

"You're so sexy, Princess," I told her, and she laughed.

"Oh no! Someone call the fire department! Someone's on fire and his name is Noah." She smirked at me. I heard Harry let out a hysterical laugh. I glanced over at him.

He had his arms wrapped around Lindsay.

(A/N: Lindsay's outfit: lindsays_party_outfit1/set?id=48069103)

"N-Niall's gonna get some t'night!" Harry exclaimed, and people started laughing, not even catching he said Niall.

Electra shivered with laughter, and hugged me tightly. I hugged her back, grinning widely and giving her a little kiss on the neck.

Riley, the owner of the house, pointed at Electra and gasped.

"Oh my God! Carter is going to be so pissed off at you, El!" She yelled. Electra stuck her tongue out.

"Carter can go be a baby somewhere else with Clare. Noah is mine now," She gave me a devious smile, and then put her lips onto mine. Everyone gasped and then some cheered, others randomly laughed.

I pulled away, and stood up. I pulled Electra up by the hands, and she giggled, hanging onto me.

"G'night guys! I'm goin' home with this babe," I said, tilting Electra's chin up and pecking her on the lips.

She laughed. "Oh stop it!" She gasped, and blushed.

"Have a goooood night, man!" Harry winked at me, and then kissed Lindsay himself.

I and Electra left the party, and got into a taxi.

"Where too?" The driver asked. Electra had her head on my lap.

"California Flores Hotel!" I exclaimed happily. The driver rolled his eyes, muttering, "Drunks" and then drove off.

We passed street lights, and it shined on my face. Electra stared at me, and gasped.

"Oh my God! You're that guy from that band!" She poked my face. I smiled, and tried to bite her finger. She pulled it away, giggling.

"I am," I agreed, and leaned down to kiss her.

"N-Niall, yes?" She asked once I pulled away.

"That's right!" I smiled, resting my hand on her waist. She smiled.

After a few minutes we got to the hotel. We laughed as we drunkenly walked through the halls, and into the Hotel room. The lights were off, so I assumed Zayn, Louis and Liam had gone to wander the streets.

Electra dropped her jacket onto the floor, and slowly pulled off her high heels.

I kicked off my shoes, and tossed my jacket aside as well. She looked around, her jaw hanging open.

"Woooow! This place is huge!" She yelled, and it echoed.

I stumbled my way into the kitchen and looked around.

Alright, sober Niall. I know your there. Open the cupboard on your left, and there will be some pills to help you.

My hand went to the cupboard on the right though, and I stupidly looked inside.

"Wanna see a trick?" I asked. Electra nodded happily, and I grabbed a glass cup from the cupboard. I then dropped it, and it shattered on the ground.

She gasped. "Oh my Godddd! It disappeared from your hands and appeared on the ground, broken!"

"I know!" I gasped too, and she giggled.

"Let's go... to your bedroom," She smiled. I smiled back, and stepped over the glass. I picked her up, threw her over my shoulder as she started giggling, and walked into my room; closing the door behind us.

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