The Princess and the Prince

So, let's see. I met One Direction, and a guy named Noah. I'm apparently 'friends with benefits' with Mr. One and Only, Niall Horan. I'm pregnant with his child. My parents hate me. My ex-boyfriend is out to kill me. And now it turns out that Noah guy was actually Niall in disguise, and he didn't tell me for 9 months. I feel so loved!


1. Chapter One

Electra's POV:

I sighed, and wrapped my arms around his neck. He smiled cheekily and leaned in to kiss me.

I giggled, and started to lean in as well, closing my eyes.

We were inches away from touching—

"El! Get UP!" I snapped awake from the human alarm clock yelling at me from downstairs. I groaned, closing my eyes again and pulling my pillow into my face. I heard the door to my room open.

"Come on. Move your lazy ass!"

I sat up, and threw my pillow at my older brother in the doorway. It hit his face, and he just blinked.

"Don't swear, and let me be. I'll get up when I want, idiot." I stated, lying back down and closing my eyes.

"Alright. Have fun catching the bus." He taunted, and wandered out of my room. I froze.

"God dam... fine!" I started to curse, but caught myself. I climbed out of bed.

The bus was horrible, alright? Just horrible. I'd been on it a few times, and it was a living nightmare. So I started to walk to school. But that was last year. Its only September, a week into the new school year. Thank God it was my last year, and then I was out of high school.

Now, my brother drives me.

I yawned as I walked to my closet. It was still nice outside in the beautiful outdoors of America. It rarely gets cold down here. Usually, people love that. But my dream is to just see snow for real.

I grabbed some black shorts and pulled them on. I then got a white bandeau and put it on, and placing a baggy, see through-ish white shirt.

I walked into the bathroom, looking at myself. My brown hair hung around my face in waves. I had a shower last night, and showers always make my hair wavy.

I ran a brush through my hair, and then pulled it up in a lose ponytail. I applied light makeup, and walked back out.

I walked into my room, grabbed my bag, shoes and aviator sunglasses, before walking downstairs.

I headed into the kitchen and to the fridge immediately.

"Morning El." My mom chirped.

"Good morning," I said, as I grabbed the milk carton. I opened a cupboard and took out a box of cereal. I poured the milk into it, and started to chug it.

My mother glanced at me, and gasped in frustration. She grabbed the box from me.

Milk dripped down my chin, and I wiped it with the back of my hand.

"El, how many times do I have to tell you?" She demanded, eyeing me. "This is the 5th time this week!"

"Well yeah, it is Friday, and I've done it since Monday," I stated, grabbing an apple. "Plus, it's a fast way to eat!"

My mother sighed and shook her head. She then smiled, and pinched my cheeks. I winced behind my sunglasses.

"My baby and her obsession for food," She kissed my nose. I giggled. It was something that just happened when people kissed my nose, alright?

I looked at my mother. She's 38, and still looks young and beautiful. She had long blonde hair, and brown eyes. I always thought she was pretty.

My father then walked into the kitchen, and I grinned, munching on my apple. He held his suitcase, and wore a suit for work. He was 40 with dark brown hair and green eyes. But, he looked young as well.

"Hannah," My dad called my mother by her name. "Are we going out tomorrow still?"

I glanced curiously at my mother who smiled and nodded.

"Of course, Joe. We are going right?" She asked. My father grinned.

"Yeah. Just making sure. Alright, I'll be off now!" He walked over, and kissed my mom, then kissed me on the cheek.

He headed out, and I couldn't help but sigh. I'd always wanted a relationship like them.

"Bye dad!" I heard my brother yell.

"Bye Collin!" My dad yelled back, and then we heard the front door open and close.

My brother, Collin, walked into the kitchen. His beach blonde hair was messy, but looked fine, and his brown eyes hid behind his sun glasses. He wore dark blue jeans that hung low around his waist, and a blue t-shirt. He and I were twins.

"Ready to go El?" He asked, scooping his keys off the table.

I nodded, and threw the rest of my apple away.

"Bye mom!" We both called out, while walking to the front door.

"Bye babes! I'll see you after school!" She called back. We walked out, and to my brother's car. Yeah, I could have my own car, but then I'd have to pay for it.

I climbed into the back, and Collin got into the driver's seat.

"Are we getting David and Carter?" I asked, setting my bag on the ground.

"Yeah," My brother said, as he pulled out of the drive way.

David and Carter were my brother's best friends. I was dating Carter as well.

David had spiky black hair and grey eyes, which all the girls loved. Carter had dark brown hair and light brown eyes. I loved them so much, and Carter and I wanted to take a step further than friends.

Have I mentioned they were all tall, where I was only 5'5?

Collin turned on the radio, and we listened in silence. Thankfully the boy's houses were on the way to school, since it was 7:49.

We got David first, who sat in the front beside my brother.

"Good morning my pretties!" He exclaimed, as Collin drove away to Carters house.

"Morning!" I chuckled. David glanced back at me in the mirror.

"You look fine today, El." He smirked. I smiled.

"Why thank you, my good sir," I bowed, while sitting down still.

Suddenly, Carter climbed into the back seat with me, and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

"Ahem! Excuse me, my girlfriend David." He glared at David, which did nothing but make him giggle.

I kissed Carter, but pulled away when I heard my favorite song come on.

"OHMYGODOHMYGOD! ONE DIRECTTIIOOONNN!" I screamed, bouncing in my seat.

The boys groaned, as 'What Makes You Beautiful' started playing on the radio.

I happily sang along, until we reached the school. David and Carter practically jumped out, and Collin shut the music off.

"How can you like boy bands?" Collin shouted, as he locked the door when I got out.

I giggled and shrugged.

"They're sexy and talented," I smiled. Carter hmphed, and rolled his eyes.

I laughed and walked away, into school. I walked to my locker, several different people saying hi to me. I guess me and my brothers group were at the top of the food chain. We were somewhat rich as well.

I opened my locker, revealing tons of One Direction pictures on my locker, with a mirror. I checked myself in the mirror, and smiled, then grabbed my books.

When I closed my locker, I screamed when my best friend was standing right there.

"Did you hear One Direction like, 5 minutes ago?" She asked, smiling.

I nodded, and smiled back. "Of course! The boys were upset, as usual," I fake pouted.

She laughed. "Of course they were."

"Oh yeah, I had another dream," I said, as we started walking away from my locker.

"Again?" She looked at me, surprised. I nodded. "What about this time?"

"We were just about to kiss, that's all," I said. She chuckled.

"You must really love Niall, huh?" She asked. I sighed and nodded.

"But, I have Carter, and plus I'm never going to meet one of the boys in the famous boy band One Direction. And, he's in Ireland right now!" I complained, whining.

"Hey, I have the hots for Harry. And its one out of a million girls he's gonna chose. That's not going to be me. But I'm still hoping, aren't I?" She asked, grinning at me.

I rolled my eyes. "Dangit, Lindsay. Why are you always so positive?"

"It's just who I am!" She chuckled. I did too.

"Well, I'll see you at lunch, yeah?" I asked. She nodded.

"Yep. Bye Electra," She said, using my full name, before heading to her homeroom class, as I did too.

Lindsay is my best friend. I've known her since we were 7.

She has long, straight brown hair, and beautiful bright green eyes.

And if you're confused, don't be. One Direction is a British/Irish boy band we love. It consists of Liam, who is 18, Zayn, 19, Louis, 20, Harry, 18 and Niall 18. Niall is the only Irish one.

God, they are all so amazing. I love them! The only thing I want is to meet them. It'd be great. They seem like such great guys.

Niall is my favorite, and Harry is Lindsay's. Niall is just waiting for his perfect Princess.

I yawned and walked into my first class, then sat down.

All I could then think about was if One Direction just randomly walked in...

But, of course that wouldn't ever happen.

I watched as people filled the class, some talking to me.

And then, excuse my language, Mrs Bitchy waltzed in. Her bimbos followed close behind her.

Let me explain something. You know how it goes, the cliché thing. Where there's the evil Queen of the school. Well, yeah, that's her.

Her name's Clare Sanders. You know, tall, tanned until she's orange, blonde and makeup faced idiot? Yeah, she's... that.

And her side kicks. Emily and Emma, who are sisters. We're all in the same grade, sadly.

Emily has short, straight blonde hair, tall, makeup face, ect. And Emma has long, curly blonde hair. She actually isn't as bad as the other two.

Don't get me wrong, I still hate them all.

They hate me too, so it's fine.

Clare rolled her eyes at me as she passed my desk. "Morning, dweeb,"

"Hurry up and die already so I can piss in your grave," I sneered. She gasped, and glared at me.

"Excuse me?" She hissed.

"You heard me. Shoo shoo!" I waved her off, and couldn't help but notice Emma and Emily grinning secretly. I just smiled at them, and they sat in their usual spots.

I watched as the teacher walked in, and then stared at the clock.

I already knew it was going to be a long day.

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