The Princess and the Prince

So, let's see. I met One Direction, and a guy named Noah. I'm apparently 'friends with benefits' with Mr. One and Only, Niall Horan. I'm pregnant with his child. My parents hate me. My ex-boyfriend is out to kill me. And now it turns out that Noah guy was actually Niall in disguise, and he didn't tell me for 9 months. I feel so loved!


5. Chapter Five

Electra's POV:

The next day I woke up. Saturday, thank God.

I glanced at the clock that read 11:32 Am. I got up, and dragged my feet out of my room. I walked downstairs, and into the kitchen.

I found Collin and David talking and laughing. They stopped and looked at me. I hadn't talked to Collin since I got home from the park yesterday; I just locked myself in my room.


I smiled, thinking of Noah and how adorably charming he was. But I couldn't help but think of how much he looked like Niall when he winked at me.

But he sounded nothing like Niall, and he was in Ireland anyways.

"Why are you smiling? Aren't you supposed to be sad?" Collin asked, looking at me.

I glanced at him, before going into the fridge.

I didn't answer, and grabbed something to eat.

"Ah. The silent treatment, huh?" Collin smiled at me, as I just ignored him and walked into the living room.

My mom was there, and I sat beside her. She wrapped her arms around me.

"You're going to have to talk sooner or later, El," Collin poked my side.

I glared at him. "Don't touch me, Collin," I snapped.

He smirked, and David laughed. "Alright. Don't talk to me. But Lindsay is going to freak out." He said. I sighed.

"I know." It was true. Lindsay is so protective of me, it isn't even funny sometimes. Heck, it isn't funny at all.

"Oh yeah," Collin plopped down beside me. He shooed mom away. "Mom. We need our teenage talk,"

She rolled her eyes. "Of course. Brother Sister Moment. I'll be upstairs," With that, she kissed me on the forehead, and walked away.

I looked at Collin. "What now?"

He looked at me, and David sat on the other side of me. "You weren't here when I got home at 3 yesterday. David said you were walking home. Where were you?"

They both stared at me intensely. I scoffed awkwardly, and stood up. They both tried to grab me, but I jumped away.

"I was at the park by the beach," I said. "That's all."

Collin looked at me suspiciously. "Fine. You may go."

I rolled my eyes. "Wasn't going to wait for you to tell me twice," I walked out, and stopped. I stuck my head back in.

"Oh yeah, I met a really cute guy at the park. We were strangers, you know? But I talked to him. Talked to a stranger I didn't even know. He had the possible chance to rape me, and still does. I gave him my phone number!" I sang, and then sprinted upstairs.

"WHAT? ELECTRA!" My brother yelled, as he chased me.

I ran into my room, and slammed the door shut. I locked it, and heard Collin trying to open it.

"God damnit El! Don't talk to strangers!" He shouted. I just giggled.

"Come on, if you saw a lonely girl you would've joined her!"

"No, I wouldn't!"

"Exactly, because you're a pussy!" I shrieked with laughter.

"What? I'm not!"

I heard David laughing too. "Dude, come on, it's not that bad. And you kind of are a pussy, bro."

I laughed loudly. Collin sighed, annoyed.

"Whatever. I'll prove you wrong someday, Electra Andrews!" He then stormed away from my room, and David's laughter became distant.

I chuckled, and my phone started ringing.

"You don't know you're beautiful, oh oh! That's what makes you beautiful!"

I listened to the ring tone for awhile, before grabbing it and pressing the answer button.

"Hello?" I answered, sitting on my bed.

"Where were you all day yesterday? You didn't answer any of my calls or texts!"

I rolled my eyes, and chuckled. "Lindsay, I didn't want to talk to anyone at the moment,"

She sighed. "I understand. But don't worry me!"

"Yeah, yeah. Wanna come over?" I asked, lying on my back.

"Already on my way," She chuckled. I smiled.

"That's my girl. The front door should be unlocked, just come on up," I said.

"Alright! See you in a few, you idiot,"

"You too, retard," I laughed, and hung up.

I stood up, and walked into my walk in closet to get dressed.

I walked back out, all ready, and ran a brush through my hair. I let my hair down today, and it hung on my shoulders in loose waves.

(A/N: Her outfit: electra_outfit/set?id=48056356 )

Lindsay just then walked in, and smiled. She had a dress on, and high heels. She looked beautiful.

(A/N again: Lindsays outfit: electra_outfit/set?id=48056356 )

"You seem like your fine. Why am I here?" Lindsay joked, and sat on my bed.

"I don't know. I feel kinda out of it..." I trailed off, before lying on my bed beside her.

"I have an idea. David's sister is hosting a party at her house tonight," Lindsay said. I looked at her.

"Who, Riley?" I asked. Riley was in the popular group with Emma, Emily and Clare. Riley was defiantly the nicest.

"Yeah! Why don't we go to get your mind off of Carter?" She smiled. I chuckled.

"I guess. But can I bring a guest?" I questioned.

"Of course. As long as its two boys." She answered. I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Why two?"

"So I can have one, duh," She winked at me. I laughed.

"Alright," I smiled. "We should go shopping for dresses."

"Okay." She stood up, and I followed.

We walked out of the house, and got into her car.

"So, who's the guest exactly?" Lindsay asked, as she began driving towards the mall.

"His names Noah. He's so cute. I gave him my number last night," I smiled. She raised an eyebrow at me.

"Where'd you guys meet?"

"At the beach park,"

"Oh. I see,"

We talked until we arrived there, and got out. It was busy, since it was a Saturday.

"I'm gonna text him to meet us here with a friend." I said, taking out my cell phone. Lindsay nodded, and we walked into the mall. I texted as we walked towards the food court.

"hey noah, its el :)" I texted him.

We walked into a store, and I got an answer.

"hey electra! Whats up?"

I smiled.

"just shopping. Theres a party tonight at my friends house, wanna come with me and my bestie?"

"sure! Can i bring a friend?"

"of course. Come meet us at Upper California Mall? We'll be in the food court."

"okay. we'll be there soon."

I put my phone away, and looked around for Lindsay. I spotted her in a store, and walked in.

"Hey, Noah's on his way with a friend," I told her. She nodded, looking at a dress.

"Alright," She said, and put the dress back.

"We have to go meet them in the food court."

"Oh, okay," We both walked out of the store, and walked into the food court. There were tons of people around.

About 10 minutes passed, and they still weren't here yet.

My phone rang, and I pulled it out. I was getting a call.

"Hello?" I answered, pressing it up to my ear.

"Hey! It's Ni—oah!" I smiled at the familiar voice.

"Noah! Where are you guys?" I looked around, and I could tell Lindsay was excited.

"Walking in right now. Where are you?" He asked.

"We're by," I glanced at the shop. "Bethany's Dress Village,"

"Alright, I see the store," With that, he hung up.

I looked around again, and spotted two boys. One, waving at me frantically. I laughed, as they approached.

"Hi Noah," I smiled at him, and he grinned back. He had aviator sunglasses on, black shorts, a blue sweater, and a white flat cap. His sweater's hood was pulled over the white hat.

The other guy had brown curly hair, from what I could tell. He also had sunglasses on, white shorts, a red sweater and a black beanie. Same as Noah, his sweater hood was pulled over his beanie.

Lindsay and I smiled at him.

"Hi, I'm Electra, but you can call me El," I said to him. He smiled back. He had cute dimples when he smiled.

"I know that, Love. Ni-" He started to say, but Noah hit him in the face by accident.

"Oh shit, sorry!" Noah said, as the other guy held his nose.

I giggled. "Noah, watch where your hands go," Noah shot me a smile.

"Right... Noah has told me about you," He looked at Noah, like he was glaring. He then looked at Lindsay. "And you are?"

She smiled. "Hi, I'm Lindsay,"

"Pretty name for a pretty girl. I'm Har-" He started talking, but was hit in the stomach by Noah again, who was bending over.

"Ah geez, sorry. I dropped my.. napkin.." Noah said awkwardly, standing back up straight again. The other boy scoffed, rubbing his stomach.

"As I was SAYING. I'm... Henry," Henry looked at Noah. Noah just grinned.

"It's nice to meet you, Henry," I laughed. Lindsay smiled.

"I'm just going to get some ice now." Henry glared at Noah.

"Want me to come?" Lindsay asked, her eyes sparkling as she looked at Henry. He smiled.

"Sure, babe. Let's go." He held his arm out for her, which she gradually took. They wandered off.

"He seems like something," I laughed. Noah grinned.

"Oh, he is something alright. Now, let's go look for your dress." He said. I smiled, and he smiled back, then we walked into a dress store.

I had chosen several different dresses to try on when Lindsay texted me.

"hey sweetie. Me and Henry are in the dress store a few stores down if you need us xx"

I rolled my eyes and smiled, then put my phone away.

"Alright, I'm going to go try these on," I told Noah, holding up the dresses. He nodded.

After a few dresses, I stepped out in a black dress that went to my mid thigh. It fluffed out, and was strapless.

I could tell Noah was staring at me from behind the sunglasses.

"That is the one," He said, and smiled. I smiled too.

"It looks okay?" I asked nervously, spinning in a circle. He nodded his head. I smiled again, before changing out of it.

I bought the dress, and we headed out.

"I'm gonna call Lindsay, one second." I pulled out my phone, and dialled her number.

After a few rings, she picked up.

"H-hello?" She yelled into the phone. She was panting and laughing, and it sounded like a guy in an English accent was telling her to hurry up. She giggled. "I'm trying!"

"Lindsay?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, hey El!" She yelled, again. I winced.

"Where are you?" I asked. She screamed on the other side, and started laughing.

"Don't fall!" The boy laughed in his English accent. It sounded extremely familiar.

"I'm running from girls!" She shouted. I blinked.

"Wait, what? Why are you running from girls?" I asked, confused. Noah suddenly frowned.

"I'm with Harry Styles!" She screamed, and giggled. I heard shouting in the background.

"Come on Lindsay, this way!" The boy yelled. And then it dawned on me. She was with Harry Styles.

"Why are you with Harry Styles?" I shrieked. Noah shrunk back.

"Well, it turns out it was—Oh shit! Sorry El, I gotta go!" She then pulled the phone away, and I heard girls screaming, then the line went dead.

Dang. She was with Harry Styles, wasn't she?

I looked at Noah, my jaw hanging open. "Lindsay is with Harry Styles."

"W-whoa! What? Really? Oh um... wow. You should go find her! And uh, get me an autograph!" He started pushing me towards the exit of the store.

"Wait, what? You're not coming?" I asked, looking up at him. He shook his head, and frantically pushed his sunglasses on as they almost fell off.

"I-I have to go find Henry! If anything, he's in the uh.. mob of girls chasing them," He said. Once we were out of the shop, he started running towards the front doors exit.

"Wait! Noah!" I yelled after him. He turned and waved at me.

"Don't forget the autograph!" He yelled back, and then disappeared into the crowd.

I stood there for awhile, and then ran off, calling Lindsay again.

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