Every Thing Has Changed

Nicole Waiter is a sixteen year old girl who is in love with music, reading, taylor swift, and R5. One day she runs into R5 outside of Freddy's and then realizes that Ellington Ratliff is her brother.


2. the news

Nicole's pov

"Nicky you need to know that Ellington is your biological brother." Grandma said.

"WHAT!!" I yelld " kinda need to know this before now! R5 is my favorite band."

"REALLY?!" they yell.

"Nicole please stop screaming!" my bestfriend Allison said.

"Wow so what am I going to do?" I scream

"Well you are going on tour with them and then will live with Ellington."

"Call me Ratliff" was all he said.


hey guys srry I haven't updated in a while I forgot to and I am grounded but I am still writing. I have chapter 3 written out on paper:)

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