Niall's P.O.V
"You should come to the volleyball game this weekend, because were gonna win." Said my friend Brent (the volleyball coach). " How do you know for sure your going to win." " Becouse we have #11."...



Niall's P.O.V

"Are you almost there?" Brent said. "OMG! I'm on my way just calm down." I said annoyed.

"Ok by." He said finely getting the point. I said bye just as I pulled up to the college. immediately I heard the people hitting the ground. The only reason I'm coming to this game is because were supposed to have Nando's after.

"Hey!"  my friend Brent said as I walked in the doors. I looked around for the #11 since he said she was gonna have the team win. My eyes spotted a tall brunette  girl, with a braid in her hair my Favorite detail she was wearing spandex. Pretty thin had beautiful skin, no zits and tan. Her shirt was neatly tucked in her spandex. I noticed everything matched. She is probably those kind of people who have to match.

"When do the games end?" I questioned ready for Nando's "Umm Niall we are only doing warm ups." he said with a duhh tone. " Oh."

I sat down to watch the games. I don't know why but my eyes kept wondering to number 11. I just want to know her name I don't know what makes me so appealed to her. I mean she's a beautiful girl. But something about me wanted to get to know her. My heart beat raced as I thought of talking to her. I'm trying to ignore the feelings, but it's hard ignore them. And when I said hard, I mean like being a bird pushing a train. I guess after the game I can talk to her. I guess.... I thought as my heart beat went a million miles and hour thinking about it.

WOW!! Brent wasn't kidding when he said she was good!! the score was 12 vs. 37. guess which one we are that's right turdy seven. I totally forgot about talking to her. But when I was walking towards the door I bumped in to somebody. Turning around I saw a brunette.. "Hey!" 

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