Niall's P.O.V
"You should come to the volleyball game this weekend, because were gonna win." Said my friend Brent (the volleyball coach). " How do you know for sure your going to win." " Becouse we have #11."...


3. DATE pt.2

 Cheyenne's P.O.V

So, we got to The City Museum, where we originally planned to go. Our other choice was to The Sky Zone. But we figured it was best to talk a little more, and get to know each other more.

Niall quickly got out the car and opened my door for me.( And don't think I was just sitting in the car waiting for him to open the door!) He got out of the car and raced to my side to open my door. We are now walking towards the front doors of the museum. "Let's play 20 questions?!" Niall said over excitedly. "Okay, that sounds fun!" "1. How old are you?" "19" "What about you Niall." "20." "My turn.2. What's your talent?" "Singing and playing guitar." "what about you?" "Volleyball dancing, and eating, HaHa!" "3.okay, okay, um...what's your favorite food?" "They are ALL my favorite!" "Okay, you have a REALLY good point there!" I said to Niall "what is your favorite food Cheyenne?!" "um ... salad." "are you being serious?" says Niall "totally!" "no wonder you are so skinny!"                                                    

"So...4 who are you crushing on right this second?!"asked Niall "yeah, his name starts with an N, can you guess who it is?!" "would it by chance be, Niall Horan?!" "you guessed ... correct!"  "okay I don't mean to interrupt our game or anything, but can we go eat?! sorry!" "yeah, I'm pretty hungry myself!"

~3 minutes later~

"Cheyenne, can I ask you something?" asked Niall "of course?" "I don't know how to say this, but will you be my girlfriend?!" "of course, I have so been waiting for that question to pop up!!"

"well, good ... because I wanted you to meet the boys. My bets mates  ... " "yeah, that would be great, when?" I asked Niall. "I was thinking tonight maybe?"


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