Letters to Styles

Aria Payne is the girlfriend of a well-known pop star, Harry Styles. When Harry leaves for tour around America, Aria writes him a letter everyday. She keeps the letters everyday for Harry to read when he gets home. After she found out that Harry had cheated on her with her cousin, she leaves the letters at his front door. Including the very last one that made Harry feel even more guilty.
He quits the relationship with Aria's cousin.
Harry hasn't spoken to anybody for a week. He's no where to be found. Will he be found dead or alive? Read to be surprised. . .


3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

           Okay so sorry i really am i havent been on movellas in forever and i never thought my books wld get this many reads or likes or comments so WOW!!!!! thanks so much i promise i will update and im sorry for not getting on here earlier


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