Letters to Styles

Aria Payne is the girlfriend of a well-known pop star, Harry Styles. When Harry leaves for tour around America, Aria writes him a letter everyday. She keeps the letters everyday for Harry to read when he gets home. After she found out that Harry had cheated on her with her cousin, she leaves the letters at his front door. Including the very last one that made Harry feel even more guilty.
He quits the relationship with Aria's cousin.
Harry hasn't spoken to anybody for a week. He's no where to be found. Will he be found dead or alive? Read to be surprised. . .


2. |Chapter one|


I rested my elbows on the table, ready to write. The lamp shone down on my white paper. With no time to waste, I allowed the pencil make contact with the paper.


Dear Harry, 

I hope you're having fun on your tour. Things have been slightly boring lately without your corny jokes making laugh and then start choking on my saliva. I've missed you extremely much.  Your hugs and kisses. Also, those familiar mint tastes from kissing your soft pink lips. I miss you so much and you have only been gone for a couple weeks now. Right now im waiting for eleaunor to arrive we are going shopping for a couple hours and spend girl time. I hope your having fun with your shows


  I had just finished with Harry's letter when eleanour had knocked on the door. I walked to the door and welcomed her with a "hello eleanour come in".

                   "thanks and are you ready to go" she asked. "yea just let me get my shoes on and get my purse" i answered i went to my room and put on my tan sandles and grabbed my vera bradley purse and walked into the living room to see eleanour sitting on the couch texting.

"ready el we might want to leave to make it to our appointment for nails and hair yea" she just nodded as we walked out of the house me being behind to lock the door.

I climbed into her porsh yes you heard right porsh shes a model what do you expect shes very pretty too i see why shes a model shes gorgeous. I turned up the volume on the radio maybe that will cheer me up. See since harry left i have been down and i barelly got out unless el or one of the others made me but today i actually called el and asked her to come shopping with me. I might be down and all but i am getting tired of that house doing nothing in that house is very boring at some point so me and el are going shopping the girls are meeting us at the mall at the hair salon. Its time for a hair change and me sofisticating up some so im dieing my hair.



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