Letters to Styles

Aria Payne is the girlfriend of a well-known pop star, Harry Styles. When Harry leaves for tour around America, Aria writes him a letter everyday. She keeps the letters everyday for Harry to read when he gets home. After she found out that Harry had cheated on her with her cousin, she leaves the letters at his front door. Including the very last one that made Harry feel even more guilty.
He quits the relationship with Aria's cousin.
Harry hasn't spoken to anybody for a week. He's no where to be found. Will he be found dead or alive? Read to be surprised. . .


4. Chapter 2

*Aria P.O.V.*

El and I danced all the way there when we got to the mall it was noticeable that famous people were here. Fans surrounded Little Mix asking for their autographs hopefully they weren't going to see me, but I doubt that. After all there was no sneaking around that many fans there was just to many of them. All adorning Little Mix shirts and One Direction shirts how did these girls stand this whenever they went out. Even though it was like this I silently thanked all the fans in my head, because if not I would have never of met Harry. I miss him so much these days it feels like years since I've seen him. Though it's only been close to a month El clears her throat to get my attention.

"Are you going to climb out sweatheart" She questions politely. That's one thing I will never forget about El she is always kind hearted.

"Yes sorry I was thinking to much again" I reply as she raises her eyebrows.

"Is it Harry love" she ask kinda worried.

"Yea I'm sorry I just miss him so much El" I look at her facial expression as it changes to sympathy.

"Hunny it will get better your gonna see him next week" She answers back with even more sympathy than what was on her face.

I thank her as we get out and walk through the crowds of children to the age of twenty or older. The fans had no age or sex to them here and most were really nice asking me for my autograph. Me signing a few as I pass through them and smiling back to them and answering questions about Harry and I. They all smiles at me happy that he has found someone like me. We finally get to the other girls me barley knowing the rest of Little Mix so we introduced ourselves and went on our way into the mall. Before I could make it in one of the doors one of the fans snatched me back and started yelling in my face at first I didn't know what to do. Then other fans started pulling the girl off of me and told her she was crazy, and saying that I was perfect for Harry. I smiled at the girls that helped me and hugged them and walked inside the building to find concerned faces. I laughed at all of them and simply replied saying reassuring thinks like "I'm fine" or "She didn't hurt me don't worry" and soon they joined me laughing a little.

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