The 4 founders(book one) Hellga Hufflepuff

Helga Hufflepuff is one of the 4 founders of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. But what what you don't know is how they all came together. This is how Helga got there...


1. Letter

Helga Hufflepuff was born in mid - evil times and is very sweet and nice. She was born and lived in The Vally of Wales. She had blonde long hair and was very pretty.

" Helga darling," said her mother "it is time to go!"

"Coming mother," said Helga back. Helga was now twelve years old. She was dressed in a puffy yellow dress with a black hat on top.

"Is father coming?" asked Helga.

"No sadly he is working," replied her mother.

They walked along the street of The Vally of Wales to the post office.

"Hello mam' ," said Mr. Howl, the post man.

"Hello" said Helga.

Mr. Howl picked a letter out of a cubby and said "This is for you Helga." Helga tore open the letter it said... Helga listen I was doing an experiment and now I know wizards are real. I sent this letter to you because I feel you will be a great wizard and maybe even found a school. Now believe me.

From: Professor Galot. Helga fell over with a thump.

"Darling what is wrong?" questioned her mother.

"Read the letter," breathed Helga.

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