Faking in the making Book 1

Well almost every directioner thinks larry stylinson is real. Well atleast half support it but the other half you may ask, well they support Elounor. Little do they know that is fake. Larry is real. You may think its easy to hide a relationship but for Harry and Louis its not the easiest thing. But what happens when Harry's old friend (oh and did i mention it was a girl) finds their voices and they have the guts to admit larry was real all along. But what happens when Harry's friend is also famous with her own band? And when sparks fly with Harry's friend and a member of the band? Find out In Faking in the Making.


3. Chapter 2



Harry's POV

I followed Louis walking.

"Louis were are we going?" I questioned

"Oh we are going to a small room. I want to talk to you where none can here us." Louis said

"Ok." I mumbled.

We kept walking until we saw a white door. When he opened the door I saw that it was indeed a closet. We walked in.

"So what did you want to talk about." I said looking everywhere instead of him.

"I just wanted to know why are you ignoring me?" He said "and please look me in the eyes" he continued.

I looked up and saw that he had tears building up in his eyes.

"Is just that when I saw you kissing Eleanor I got real upset." I mumbled looking straight into his eyes.

"I didn't know you felt that way Harry, you should've told me you felt that way." Louis said looking down.

I pulled his chin up with my index finger and pecked his lips.

"It's not your fault Lou I still love you remember that none will ever come between us not even management ok?" I said

"I love you!" Louis said before he kissed me. The kiss started getting headed.

I saw the bulge in his pants and I smirked.

I started kissing him again and I let my hand trace around the bulge which earned a moan from Louis.

"Don't tease." Louis whispered

I ignored him though.

I then started palming him through this trousers. I started slow than started palming harder.

Louis mouth made an 'o' shape.

"Oh." He moaned

I unzipped his trousers and pulled it off of him.

I cloud see his boxer already wet with pre cum.

I got on my knees and started sucking his cock through this boxer. I kissed already his thoughts too.

"Oh, yeah Harry." Louis moaned.

It felt good to be the dominate for once.

I got tired of teasing and took of his boxer.

I grabbed his cock and felt it throb in my hands. Then I started pumping his cock little by little. I put all the pre cum that was all over in the tip. Then I started pumping after and faster. I felt Louis thrust a couple times into my hands.

"Oh." Louis moaned

"Yeah." Louis Groaned.

"Faster, faster." Louis kept on begging

I could tell he was close by the way he was thrusting up.

I put his cock deep into my moth and started sucking on it hard.

Louis was thrusting his cock deep into my throat almost making me gag.

"Oh, Harry I'm ganna cuuuuuu-" Louis didn't get to finished because then I felt him shoot his load inside my mouth. I sucked and swallowed all of his cum. I got up from the floor and we started kissing again. But before we could do more we heard someone from management call our names.

"Ugh." We both groaned.

Louis but his stained boxers back on. When we thought we looked presentable we left the small room.

I left with a smirk.


Authors Note:

Hmmmmm sexy lmao sorry it's not that good but this is my first time writing smut so yeah. Chapter 3 will be up by maybe Saturday or Sunday :)

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