Rock My World

Adrienne Walker. Perfect girl, perfect life. She could be the face of Seventeen magazine at 19. One night, she goes to the party with her friends. Stumbling through the streets and ends up sleeping with some guy. One thing she remembers from the hangover, was he rocked her world. She lost her fame, her fortune. Her everything.


1. Perfection is my Middle Name


Laying on my bed, I pick up my phone. The light shone on my face as I scrolled though Instagram. Popping a Mentos in my mouth, I call my maid, June.

She hears it the first time, considering the size of the house. She scurries by my side in a minute.

"June, could you pop me some fresh popcorn? And um, get me a Coke. Cherry, tonight," I say turning my attention back to my phone.

Immediately, I receive a text.



You are not perfect. You will never be. You know you're not.


Creepy much. No but for real though, wasn't that creepy?

Anyways, I processed the text through my head. I read it over and over again. How am I not perfect? I mean, I have the huge house, maids and butler's, cars...perfection is like my middle name. It should be.

June knocks. I reply with a simple and loud 'come in'. She enters with a red bowl, hot popcorn filled with it, and my cherry Coke.

God bless June.

"Thank you," I fake smile.

"You seem upset, Ms.Walker, is there a problem?"

No shit.

"Everything is just peachy," I say, emotionless.

"Are you sure?" She asks in concern. June, everything is peachy. Don't you get it? Every fucking thing is peachy.

"Yes, I'm fine," I speak through gritted teeth. I honestly didn't need a maid in my business. No offence, June. She quickly left, seeing how angry and pissed I was.

Blah blah blah, the show must go on.

Without warning, my phone starts to ring as I jump a bit. In my defence, the ring tone starts out with a loud drum and my room was quiet, plus I received a creepy text. You never know who is watching. And in horror movies, it's always quiet ans then KABAM! The series killer attacks. Just saying.

I pick up. 

"Holla for a dolla' Adrienne twerking," I say in an exuberant manner. Candy giggles and that's when I realized what I said. "Talking! I meant talking"

"Sure you did. Anyways, what's poppin' homie?" She asks at the other end of the line.

"Nothing much just selling some rap records. Girl, I'm making a mil'!"

"Errh...kill 'em!" 

We went on about, I don't know, random stuff? Yeah, random stuff. Soon, I found myself on the cold floor, cracking up.

"Okay, okay, for real now, what's up?" She asks. I could imagine her trying to control an outburst of laughter.

"Darwin's homework that I'm not doing," I groan, "you?"

"Darwin's and Matteo's. Sucks," she sighs.

"Sucks dicks," I laugh, "for free." I quickly add in.

"Adrienne!" She shrieks/laughs, "watch your mouth, your parents are gonna hear you."

"They sure would all the way in Japan," I chuckle, sarcasm obvious through choice of words.

She giggles in response. 

Okay, you see, Candy Katterman has been my best friend ever since the 1 st grade. We are inseparable and stuck like glue.

You're probably lost so, I'm Adrienne Walker, the prettiest, richest, and most popular girl in school. Honestly, I don't know how you're gonna beat that. My mom is a high-end fashion designer. My dad is a worldwide lawyer who works side by side with my mother's company, Kissable Couture. Yeah, enough of that. Back to the real world.

"So, you going to Layla's party on Friday? I totally am!" Candy exclaims.

I shrug and pop a popcorn in my mouth, "I dunno, I'm on like 24-hour surveillance."

"So that's a no?"

"He'll no, I'm going to that party alright."

"Oh my gosh, I hear Jason Andrews is gonna be there!"

"What? I have got to go!"

"Yeah, you should, besides, Kayla is already making moves on him."

"Tomorrow, my dear friend, we are going to shop 'til we fucking drop, if that's what it takes to find the perfect outfit."

"Preach it, sister, and watch your mouth," she says.

"Sorry, mom," I chuckle, taking a swig if my Coke.

She keeps feeding me with the latest gist in school as I turned on my computer and  logged onto my e-mail. The sight of the amount if e-mails weaken me. I just click out and signed in to Twitter. I see a huge amount of tweets about me which makes a smile form on my face. I even saw some from two celebrities, Ariana Grande and Fergie. A squeal escapes my lips.

"What happened? Are you even listening?"

"Uh, yeah, I am," I say absent mindedly.

"Okay so Kayla tells Megan about how Toni…" she keeps going, me tuned out.

My eyes widen at the sight of a tweet from Seventeen Magazine. I nearly choke on the Coke I'm drinking.

@SeventeenMag: @PrincessWalker, your mother's design are inspirations here at the magazine company! We would love you to come and do a shoot for us! Please trend #PrincessShoot  for her to do this amazing offer!

I start to fangirl at the moment.

"Oh my gosh, Candy!! I got a tweet from Seventeen Mag and they like seriously want me to do a shoot!!!" I shout. I could imagine her wince and pull the phone away from her ear.

There's a pause and suddenly…

 "Yeah!!! I see it! Bitch, I'm trending it too much!!!!"

See? My life is perfect, take that creepy mystery person...

Wait. Who is that creepy idiot? Are they watching me or…?


A/N: so I decided to do a major edit. Hope you liked it!!! Don't forget to like, favorite, and comment!!!! :) 

Xx Kylie

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