What can I do? (Louis Tomlinson) -Finished-


(Third story in Don't Fall For Me)
Annika has her baby, but Mitchell tries to get rid of the baby before it's born. But the thing is Annika has the baby early, her and Louis also decide to keep the baby. ©


1. New born

I wake up right next to Louis, who has his arm around my waist. It's already been nine months since I found out I had the baby. Louis has been really supportive, he makes sure I'm okay before he leaves to record. I get up, trying hard not to disturb him. Of course that doesn't work out, he wakes up and helps me. I smile at him, as he helps me get up.

"Louis I can walk downstairs."

"Yeah, but I just want to be safe."

I giggle as we walk down and I see the boys messing around. I roll my eyes. I sit down on the couch and they all stop.

"Hey Annika!", Niall says happily.

"Hi", I laugh. I see Harry glaring at Louis.

"I tried to stop them from dating", Harry mumbles.

"Yeah, but now you'll have a niece or nefew!", I say.

"Yeah, I know." 

-couple hours later-


I was sitting in the hospital, with my baby in my arms, I wasn't supposed to have her for another week. I'm just glade I don't have to deal with the weight. Louis had drove me to the hospital. She looks mostly like me. She's so beautiful. I haven't thought about a name for her. I'm thinking Aphrodite.

"She looks like you Annika", Louis says.

"Yeah, I have a name for her that I was thinking about for awhile."

"What name?"


"I love it."

He kisses me and I kiss back. I smile into the kiss. The doctor comes back in asking us about a name. We tell him the name and we sign the birth certificate. I had to stay in the hospital for one more day. So they can do tests on her or whatever. Louis told me to sleep, he says he'll be here when I wake up. 

I wake up and I see Louis holding Aphrodite. I smile it's soo cute seeing her and Louis together.

"You're adorable holding her", I say.

He looks at me,

"Shut up."

I get up,

"Can I leave?"

"Of course."

I get up and we walk out, with the birth certificate and everything. I see Louis has a car seat for her. I buckle her in and we drive home. I was still so tired. I close my eyes and lay my head on the cool window. 

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