What can I do? (Louis Tomlinson) -Finished-


(Third story in Don't Fall For Me)
Annika has her baby, but Mitchell tries to get rid of the baby before it's born. But the thing is Annika has the baby early, her and Louis also decide to keep the baby. ©


2. I want her gone

-Mitchell's POV-

Jake was telling us that Annika is having a baby girl. It could be mine, or that idiot Louis'. Either way I want it gone. She will thank me for it. Julia's asleep on my lap. I never told her what I did to Annika.

"We'll I'm leaving", Jessie says moving away from Logan.

She wakes up and her, Julia and Mason leave. It was just me, Jake and Logan. Logan looks over at me.

"How long can you keep this a secret?", he asks.

"As long as I can. If Annika doesn't tell Louis."

"She already has."

She told someone when I told her not to. Jake knows about me raping her too. He's not happy about it.

1. Because me and Annika are friends and 
2. Because she's his best friend.

"Mitchell she's already scared for her life. If you kill that kid she'd be heartbroken", Jake says.

I scuff, I really don't care. Why should I? If its mine, I don't want it. I know Louis will leave her if its not his. I mean he's broken up with her for the most idiotic reasons. This time it won't be cause I'll make sure they're broken up. Then, she'll come back and I can kill the kid. I remember how happy she looked when we were younger. She's now depressed, she cuts, she's getting married (yes I know) and she's having a kid in a week. This is perfect. I don't want to ruin her life, I want to ruin Louis Tomlinson's life. She knows how to keep secrets. I know she can. 

-Annika's POV-

  I was on my laptop checking my twitter when Jake calls me.

"Hey Jake", I say.

"Hey Annika. I gotta tell you something."

I was confused. What would he need to tell me?


"Mitchell wants to kill your kid."

Those words literally broke my heart. He wants Aphrodite gone? I'm sure not going to tell him I had her early. I'm positive the only reason he wants her gone is because he thinks she's his.

"I have to go."

I hang up and almost cry. I shut my laptop and walk downstairs. I want to either tell Louis or Harry. They're going on tour in a week so I'll be home by myself with Julia and and Jessie. But Mitchell is Julia's boyfriend. He'll follow her here. I see Harry holding Aphrodite. It's an adorable sight. I walk over to him.

"You look happy", I say.

"Shut up Annika."

I take her from Harry and the bottle from him. I give her the bottle and she drinks the formula.

"Where's Lou?" I wanted to tell him first, of course that won't happen now. "He went out."

 I nod.

"Can I tell you something?"


"Mitchell wants Aphrodite dead."

Harry looks shocked.


Can he really be more stupid? I mean he knows Mitchell raped me. But I never thought my brother could be so stupid!

"She might be his", I say.

"We're going on tour in a week! Aren't your friends Julia and Jessie coming over?"

I nod,

"I'm afraid he'll follow Julia."

I know she'd want him to come. But she promised she wouldn't bring him. I just hope she can keep that promise.

"I'll have body guards here for you." I roll my eyes.


-Louis' POV-

I returned after buying some baby clothes for Aphrodite. But when I heard that she might be Mitchell's I get mad. I didn't want to think about it, but Annika is right.

"I'll have body guards here for you", Harry says.

I'm relieved he said that. I see her roll her eyes.


She gave Aphrodite back to Harry. Now that I realize it, in a year I'll be Harry's brother in law. She sees me.

"Did you hear?"


She looks mad and sad and she walks past me.

"Is it true? She might be Mitchell's?"

"Yeah it is."

She's hiding something else from me. I want to know whats it is.

"You're hiding something what is it", I ask quietly.

"Mitchell thinks she isn't born yet. He wants her dead Louis."

I hug her.

"He can't touch either if my girls, if she is his. I'll still be here."

She smiles at me.

"Thank you Louis."

She kisses me and I feel sparks that I feel every time. She pulls away.

"I'm going to miss you on tour."

"I'll miss you, too."

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