Run Away

Lance sleeps in class a lot, but other than that he is a normal kid. When he was walking home one day he runs into a girl caked in mud. When he takes her in they notice how beautiful yet odd she is. But, why was she on the street?


2. Perfection

I could feel my heart thump as she smiled. All I could do was watch her back as she walked into the other room. I sat waiting while drinking some of my coke occasionally. When Lucy walked in the room with a girl I stood up.

“Hey Bro, now introducing the new and improved Tess!” Lucy said presenting Tess as if she were a prize.

“Wow…” I said studying Tess.

Her hair, which I now know was black, was straightened and clean. Her shrubs were replaced with a black and white striped hoodie with black skinny jeans and some converse. My breath felt caught in my throat as I stared into her blue eyes. So this is what perfection looked like....

My sister coughed in her hand and I regained my composure.  "Ehm... Tess you look beautiful." I said giving her a smile.

Tess blushed slightly and mumbled a 'thank you' to the floor. This action made my smile grow. I had no idea that Tess was so shy. 

"Doesn't she look amazing!? I mean, she could be wearing a prisoners outfit right now and all the boys in town would still be falling at her feet!" My sister exclaimed.

Tess twitched slightly at the word prisoner. "Um... Tess? Are you OK?" I asked while looking at her with a worried expression.

Tess shook her head. "I'm fine, thank you so much for helping me out, I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't had run into you." She said while looking me in the eye. 

I chuckled slightly. "Well, it's getting late now and I think its about time to head to bed. Sis? Can you show Tess to the guest room? And Tess? I will talk to you tomorrow after school alright?" I asked glancing at her. 

Tess nodded and I walked back to my room. I wonder.... Why was Tess even in the streets in the first place? I shrugged and laid in bed. I soon drifted off, not hearing the window next to me slide open.

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