Run Away

Lance sleeps in class a lot, but other than that he is a normal kid. When he was walking home one day he runs into a girl caked in mud. When he takes her in they notice how beautiful yet odd she is. But, why was she on the street?


3. Lucy....

I was quickly woken by a loud bang ringing through the house. A gun shot! 

"Lucy!!! Tess!!!" I yelled running down the stairs.

I searched Lucy's room and to my horror I found what I was worried to see.

My sister lying in a pool of blood, not breathing with eyes stuck open planted on the ceiling as if she were looking at stars.

"Lucy!!!" I yelled with tears running down my face. 

I quickly got down and put an ear to her chest. There's no heartbeat!

I kept trying CPR time and time again but nothing was working!

"Just give up.. It's useless." I heard someone state behind me.

I turned and saw Tess.... Holding a gun...

"T-Tess.... Did you do this...?" I asked with tears rolling down my face.

"No, she did." She stated blankly.

"What?! What are you talking about?! My sister is not suicidal!!" I yelled.

"That's not what I meant.... I was awake and I heard a noise come from your room. I went in and saw your sister with red eyes holding a gun to your head. I ran over and blocked the shot but she didn't try to shoot me. She was crying and yet she didn't lower the gun, she didn't shake in the slightest. I believe your sister was possessed. The thing in her had a low and scary tone as It spoke it said 'If he can't die today I will kill the girl first' and I ran out of the room I chased after it but before I could get to your sisters room she was already dead."


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