Run Away

Lance sleeps in class a lot, but other than that he is a normal kid. When he was walking home one day he runs into a girl caked in mud. When he takes her in they notice how beautiful yet odd she is. But, why was she on the street?


1. Dirty Girl

“Get up right now Mr. Scott!” I heard someone scream.

I quickly woke up to find my teacher Mrs. Clare standing above me. I must have fallen asleep during the video. Mrs. Clare was glaring at me and I could hear some of my classmates giggling. I sat up straight in my desk and stared back at my teacher. We glared at each other until the bell rang. I smiled at Mrs. Clare and left the room. Kids kept coming up to me and talking about how I fell asleep in class again, but I only half listened. Every day the same thing happened! It was never interesting! I left the school building and headed down the street. I wonder what my mom made for dinner tonight. I hope it’s not that casserole she always tries to make but always fails. I grimaced at the thought of having to eat that!

I felt someone bump into me and I shouted, “Watch where you’re going!”

I turned to see a girl wearing shrubs lying on the ground. She looked up at me with sad eyes.

“I’m sorry.” She said sniffling.

I held out mind hand to help her up and she took it. When she finally stood I could see how pitiful her outfit was. She had a ripped flowery shirt and purple pants that were covered in mud. Her hair was matted and her face had splats of dirt on it. But….. Her eyes were a beautiful sea blue. She looked around 17

“its ok… Hey, do you live near here?” I asked the girl.

She shook her head slightly. “I don’t have a home.” She said.

I smiled down at her she was skinny as could be. “Well you look like you need a good dinner, do you have a family?” I asked. The girl shook her head again.

I frowned down at her, she’s pretty short. “Follow me.” I said more like a command more than a question.

The girl looked shaken but followed.  The girl, Tess, told me her name as I led her to a large house and opened the door. “Welcome home big bro…..” My sis started to say but noticed our guest.

I introduced them. “Tess this is Lucy, Lucy this is Tess.”  My sister looked at her intensely so I explained why she was here.

After telling her my sister nodded and grabbed Tess’s hand. “Come on Tess. I’m going to clean you up and make you look pretty.” Lucy said with a smile.

Tess smiled back and followed glancing back at me once. I smiled to her and she mouthed the word thank you.

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