Great Big Poetic Thank You!

Using the idea I stole from Writerman (go fan him if you like poetry. He's really good), I am creating a giant compilation of poetry- each one dedicated to a different fan of mine. I will add to it as quickly as I can, so stay tuned! I promise I will not quit until I have every fan a meaningful poem. And once again- thank you all for being awesome fans!


14. Zat2020


My friend and teacher of the martial arts

I'm glad you're in my life, in part

I brought you to Movellas, and you have taken to it well

Because I love your writing and talent is swell

You're amazing and beautiful, honest and true

Easy to talk to, easier to like- but that's no news

Everyone in your karate class loves you

As much as I do!

You are my favorite Sensei

(But don't tell the others-

I don't want to ruffle their feathers)

I'm tearing up as I write these words

Does that make me a nerd?

Nay, for I love you so much it hurts 

Thank you for being awesome

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