Great Big Poetic Thank You!

Using the idea I stole from Writerman (go fan him if you like poetry. He's really good), I am creating a giant compilation of poetry- each one dedicated to a different fan of mine. I will add to it as quickly as I can, so stay tuned! I promise I will not quit until I have every fan a meaningful poem. And once again- thank you all for being awesome fans!


19. Stop The Hatred

Stop The Hatred

Passionately fights the battle of wills

Eliminating bullying, the words that kill

She never will forget who is is inside

And will fight to protect that, no need to be snide

Outside of the battlefield, she's honest and true

And random, but seriously, she's got the clue

She knows how to greatly cheer

Those who are hurting or in fear

She's one of the few left in this world

Who's wings aren't caught, but unfurled-

Soaring and flying above the rest

She'll never fall, she's the best

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