Great Big Poetic Thank You!

Using the idea I stole from Writerman (go fan him if you like poetry. He's really good), I am creating a giant compilation of poetry- each one dedicated to a different fan of mine. I will add to it as quickly as I can, so stay tuned! I promise I will not quit until I have every fan a meaningful poem. And once again- thank you all for being awesome fans!


4. Lanie Athena

Lanie Athena

Don't underestimate this gal

She's one tough, tried-and-true pal

She strives to be kind to all she meets

And never is lost to her heart's true beat

Before her story started to even unfurl

Even then, she used her talent to better the world

In a way that if everyone had done before

There would be no poverty, starvation or war

Her fan fictions are fun, her poetry neat

And with my high standards, that's hard to beat

Amiss in many worlds of her own

I'm glad to have known her and see what she's shown

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