Great Big Poetic Thank You!

Using the idea I stole from Writerman (go fan him if you like poetry. He's really good), I am creating a giant compilation of poetry- each one dedicated to a different fan of mine. I will add to it as quickly as I can, so stay tuned! I promise I will not quit until I have every fan a meaningful poem. And once again- thank you all for being awesome fans!


13. CiarraStyles_XX


Chasing her dreams of a famous band

Nothing about her character is bland

Taken from her old life, carrying on

Simplicity is the name of the game

Because how do you describe someone so true to herself, not fame?

I know you desire something you know you can't have

But don't worry, Beautiful

Even if Harry isn't the one, if that's true

There will be a special man for you

And he'll be better to you than any boy-band star would ever have been

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