You and I

Harry and Brooke have been best friends since primary school. But when Harry was still in high school and working at the bakery, he left for X-factor auditions. And Harry didn't see Brook for a while. Will he return as the same goofy, curly topped boy or will he have changed.


1. A little information


I'm Harry styles. I live in the U.K. And go to high school with my friend Brooke. I have curly brown hair. I work in a bakery to support my mum and I really want to be more than friends with Brooke.


I'm Brooke Austin. I live in the U.K. As well. I go to high school with my friend Harry styles. I work in a book store for pocket money. I have mid-length Carmel hair and milk chocolate eyes. My skin is soft. I like Harry and u hope we can be more than friends.

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