Loving him was Red

This is a story about to young and very dangerous people what will happen when they collide...... Will they get hurt? Fall in love? Or kill each other? You will have to read to find out. This is a Jason Mccann fan fiction!


2. Background Jason

Jason Mccann

Whaddup babe, the names Jason, Jason Mccann. I'm 18 on the most wanted list. I have a a gang. I'm the head I run things. Talk back and we will have major problems. LAPD killed my brother, my parents are dead to. When people see me they run and hide, fear for there lives. I actually like kids. I dare you to tell someone watch what will happen. I'm a killer, bomber, drug dealer, most illegal stuff. Ok bye the boys have crap on this new girl Red I think her name is.

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