Spiritual District

Dusty is a playful ghost that died when she was only 16. She come to a school disguised as a human and finds a boy that can see her ghost form as well! Will this boy be able to keep the secret that the Spiritual District has kept for years?


4. The Ball

"Anyway... I will see you after school...Ok Dusty??" Cam asked her.

Dusty nodded and Cam kissed her on the cheek as he walked away. 

The punch made another entrance... It took Dusty a moment but she finally returned back to the way she was acting before our hands touched. Dusty hit me with her award winning grin.

"Well, lets head to class." She said while looping her arm together with mine and dragging me away.

I waved to my friends as we departed. Dusty pulled me into our fifth period class and let go of my arm. She skipped to a seat that no one in the class sat in and I just plopped down next to her. I felt everyone's eyes shift onto Dusty, heard them whispering stuff like "It's the new girl again" "Wow! She's so pretty!" "I wonder if she's single!" The teacher walked in and noticed Dusty.

"Well class it seems we have a new student, would you please introduce yourself to the class?" Mr.Crump asked.

Dusty got up out of her seat and went to the front of the room. Her hair had been put up in a ponytail, I wonder if Cam was the one who put it up for her....

The punch came again.

"My name is Dusty Satin." Dusty's soothing voice said.

"Well 'Dusty' you may now have a seat. Oh, and we are having a ball this Friday just so you know." Mr.Crump said.

Dusty had taken her seat and was grinning "And what type of ball will this be?" 

"A masquerade ball." I answered blankly

Dusty's grin widened "Well then I simple MUST attend." She said.

I tried to imagine Dusty in a dress and mask, spinning in circles smiling. Wait, why am I thinking this?!

I heard a couple of guys whispering about asking Dusty. No! I couldn't let this happen!

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