Spiritual District

Dusty is a playful ghost that died when she was only 16. She come to a school disguised as a human and finds a boy that can see her ghost form as well! Will this boy be able to keep the secret that the Spiritual District has kept for years?



We walked about a mile before coming to the old orphanage. It was huge, but also broken down. As we walked in it turned into a beautiful mansion

Kai took a deep breath as he looked around "Wow.."

"Dusty! You're back!" Someone yelled tackling me.

"Careful Dark! I don't want to break my back!" I laughed at my friend.

Dark just laughed and gave me a noogie before giving Kai a once over and wiggling is eyebrows.

"Who's your cute friend?" Dark asked as he dropped his voice an octave.

Kai glanced frantically about HOPING for someone to be behind him, but to no avail.... No one was there...

Kai blushed as I laughed answering "This is Kai," I dropped my voice to a whisper for the next part "And he's single"

Dark smirked at the answer and sauntered over to Kai, snaking an arm around his waist.

Kai gasped lightly, blushing dark as he suddenly said "I'm not gay!"

Dark smirked more and licked his lips before winking and whispering "Not yet sweetheart"

Kai groaned, probably because it was his first day here and he was ALREADY getting hit on.

I smiled "Now Dark, please show Kai to his room."

I saw and heard Kai gulp.

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