Spiritual District

Dusty is a playful ghost that died when she was only 16. She come to a school disguised as a human and finds a boy that can see her ghost form as well! Will this boy be able to keep the secret that the Spiritual District has kept for years?


3. Am I Really Jealous??

Kai's POV

As I watched Dusty walk away I knew something was up. What was she doing tonight? I grinned to myself. Guess I'm going to have to find out. Something about Dusty is really weird. Something pulled me towards her and made me want to find out more about her. Before you make any guesses at my problem remember, Dusty's a ghost! I shrugged to myself and walked back to the cafeteria. I heard Dusty's musical laugh before I found her. Cam was whispering something in Dusty's ear. I felt like someone hit me in the gut. I walked over and sat on Dusty's other side, grinning as I did. Dusty stared at me. 
"Since when are you so..... Sun shines and rainbows?" She asked.

I winked "I merely am trying to be kind"

Dusty laughed at this "You weren't so kind to me this morning." She said with a light glare.

"Maybe he got jealous of how close I am to you." Can butted in as he drape his arm around Dusty and scooted closer making their legs now touching.

I felt the punch again. "Yeah, I think you're right. He has never acted even slightly nice to anyone, especially not a girl." Chase said.

Sam nodded in agreement and I blushed lightly. We all knew what they said was true. I was never nice to girls! Seriously! What is wrong with me today?!

"Guys don't be so mean! Hey Kai? Can I see your schedule?" Dusty asked.

I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out my schedule, handing it to her.

Dusty studied it and smiled " We have the exact same schedule"

She held my schedule out to me and when I reached out to take it our hands slightly touch. Now I don't mean to sound all cliche like in those cheesy romance movies and crap, but I felt sparks. Dusty pulled back fast, a blush covering her cheeks. So... Does that mean she felt it too??

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