When you're Jane's sister (creepypasta)


2. remembering

     Jane's pov.

  Wow. She seems scared. Why did I tell her now? All the sudden she fell on the floor! She was having a seizure! I turned her on her side so she wouldn't get the foam in her mouth and choke. I saw a peice of paper on the desk. I looked at it. She was drawing a picture of hoodie and sally. I looked at the other pictures. Unwanted house guest. Jeff? Me. Smiley. E.J. BEN. Everyone. Even slender. I looked closer at the picture of Jeff. crap it says love with a heart. She loves my ARH ENEMY! This is bad. She doesn't know how bad he can be. All the sudden Olivia grunted. "Olivia?" I asked "Jane? Where have you been all these years?" She asked. Tears welled up in the darkness I call eyes. She remembers. She touched the scar on the side of her face. "I'm sorry." I said simpley. "Don't be." She said as she smiled almost as wide as smiley.

       Olivia's pov

 I fell on the floor. Everything went black. I saw a memory. It was two girls playing on the beach. About seven and eight. The eight year old had black hair and the seven year old had brown hair. Like me...and Jane. She helped me up and we ran to the water. "Wait up Jane!" I called after her in my seven year old voice. "I'm winning!" She called back. My mom yelled. "Be carful!" "Ok mom!" Jane called. Jane got into the water and I fell. On a stick. I had a gashed open face. Jane ran to me and screamed "MAMA! PAPA!" She called for them. They ran over and dad picked me up. Mom picked Jane up. We rushed to the ER. The doctor said they could see me now. Jane walked in and hugged me tightly. "I'm sorry. This is all my fault." She accused herself. "No its not. I tripped. Its my fault." I said hoping she'd forgive herself. "Yea." She said. Releive fell over me. "Running after me" she accused again. Feeling gone."Don't blame yourself, Jane." I reassured her. She sighed. "I'm sorry, I'm too dangerous for you." She as she walked out of the room. Mom and dad walked in next. Jane was waiting outside. She heard the whole conversation. "We have to do something about Jane" dad said. "Jane is fine, richy" mom argued. "She's dangerous!" Dad raised his voice. "Richy, she's gonna hear you." She whisperd. "Forget you. I'm taking her to social services!" Dad said. Quieter. But she still heard. She ran away to a bathroom. She decided to run away. She found a make-up bag and didn't know who's it was. She didn't care though. She put on black lipstick. Painted her nails black. She was pale from what she heard. "Good look for me." She said. She put on her white hoodie, took a butcher knife from the cafiteria. She put it in her hoodie pocket. She took it to protect herself, but it will be doing something else. Killing. We had an...aquantence, that had a crush on me. He was also seven. He walked in with his mom when Jane was walking out. He didn't recognize her. He and his mom asked what room number and they went to room 34-ER. She recognized him. Now seeing from Jeff's eyes. "Hey jeff." She said quietly "what's wrong?" I asked. "My dad is taking Jane to social services." "Oh" I said. I walked out and went to the cafiteria bathroom. With a hidden knife. I was frowning. My mom told me smile is all I needed. I cut a smile into my face. I didn't do anything to my eyelids. I had black emo hair with a white hoodie. I put on the hoodie to cover up my face. I ran out of the hospital. I saw that girl from when we walked in. Someone was trying to rape her! I ran to her rescue. I was only seven but I could do damage. "Let her go" I said. Looking down with one hand in my pocket. "What are you gonna do? Kick me? HA!" He laughed as he continued to take her black pants off. "You have no idea" I said, as I looked up slowly. He took one look at my cut face and said. "Wh-who are y-you?!" "I'm the last thing you'll be seeing." I said as I quickly got the knife out. "You want to put her to sleep. Well you. Can...GO TO SLEEP!" And that's when it all started. I stabbed him in the chest where his heart was. He looked at me with pain in his eyes. And surprisment. "Wasn't excpecting to be killed by a seven year old, did you." Just then I woke up. I grunted. "Olivia?" I heard a girl say "jane? Where have you been all these years?" She looked like she was going to cry. I touched my scar. "I'm sorry." Jane said. "Don't be" I said as I smiled really wide. Probably almost as wide as smiley dog.

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