When you're Jane's sister (creepypasta)


1. Finding out

          Olivia's pov

         I sit there drawing a picture of masky, when I hear a noise from my phone. Sounds like a text. I check only to find out that it was a text, from a girl named jane. Of course I'm a creepypasta fan and started freaking out, only to remember by best friend's name is jane. That was a close one. I texted back hey. Because she only texted a " ". She texted the same thing back. I was confused. I checked the history with these messages expecting to find our messages, but only found a "no history" message. That's when I panicked. I texted "WHO IS THIS?!?!?!?" They texted a space. I texted a "if you are who I THINK you are, are you going to hurt me?"  They actually texted WORDS this time! "Even if I wanted to hurt you, I couldn't, and by the way, I am who you think I am." Now I knew I was safe. But I had a LOT of questions, like; how did she get my number? Why wont she hurt me? Is she just trolling me? Is she protecting me? Who is she really? So many questions. I knew wich one to start with. I texted her "why not?" She texted back. "I care about you olivia." I texted again "how do you know my name and WHY do you care about me?" "Because Olivia, you're my sister. That's also how I know your name." I freaked the FUCK out! "No I'm fucking NOT!" I texted. "Yes you are." I heard a voice say from behind me. I was scared to look. It was a femle voice. A matter-of-factly tone. I turned a little to see a pale hand with black nail polish. I turned more to see her, Jane The Killer. This means, they're all real. Oh my pasta! (My own term) i cant believe it! And JANE is my sister......wow.


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