My Decision


10. Chapter 9

I'm now about four months pregnant and it's about a week away from Christmas. I can wait for Niall to come home.

"Alice!" My mom yelled.

Yes, she came to visit for Christmas and to help me around the house while Veronica's gone.

"Yes mum!?" I responded.

"When's Niall coming!?"

"In a few days! Why?"

"I'm just wondering!"

"Okay then mum!"

She's making a present for both Niall and I. I just know it. Whenever she asks that, she's planning a present. I walked up stairs and walked into my bedroom. I set up a crib and a mobile. A mobile is something that hangs from the ceiling for the baby to watch. I painted some butterflies and flowers in the small nursery area and added some flowers.


"Yes mum!?"

"I think someone just pulled up! And it's not Veronica!"

I grabbed my phone and walked down the stairs. The person rang the doorbell and saw my mom was talking with someone. I saw her grab a suitcase. I continued to walk down the stairs, when I heard a familiar laugh...

"Niall?" I thought.

I saw blonde hair and blue eyes. My mom moved out of the way.

"NIALL!!" I yelled.

He opened his arms and embraced me in a hug. He was holding presents and I took them from him. My mom then took them from melt and our them under the tree. Niall grabbed his suitcase and we walked up to my bedroom. We held hands all the way into my room. Right when we walked into the room, I saw Niall's eyes looked towards the nursery area.

"You already have the crib set up?"

"Yeah...I figured it would be easier if it was already set up that way Veronica or you wouldn't have to set it up a month before the baby's born."

"Good idea."

He started looking at the butterflies and flowers that I painted onto the wall.

"Did you paint these?"


"It's really good!"

"Thanks babe!"

We hung out in my room for a little while before Veronica came home with dinner. She brought me a salad and everyone else some pizza.

"'s tour been?" My mum asked.

"It's good. We're almost over with the tour. I think we have about four to five more months to go. I'm not really sure though."

" are you doing with the baby?" Veronica asked.

"Good. Moms not letting me do much around the house, so all I basically do is sit on the couch reading or watching football."

We continued talking and eating. It soon became late and everyone headed up to bed. Niall changed into sweats and no shirt. We crawled under the covers and fell asleep. My head was on his chest and he had his arms wrapped around me.

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