My Decision


6. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Niall has started texting me after the day he came over. I could feel myself becoming closer to him and I knew that I would somehow fall for him…again, then get my heartbroken. I knew that if I started dating Niall, then I would have to make a commitment to myself of not crying over the guy that could be my soulmate.

“Alice!” Veronica yelled into my room.

“Yes?” I responded.

I stopped writing my mid-term paper and turned towards her. I slipped my hair into a pony tail and looked at her.

“You have mail.”

She handed me three letters and a box. The letters were from my family. One was from my mom, the other was from uncle Geoff and the third one was from my dad. My mom wrote.

Dear Alice,

How are things? We never see each other anymore. I’m coming to visit Liam’s family soon. I don’t know when, but I’ll be in touch when I am. You remember Jacob? The guy you met when you were seventeen. We’re engaged now and we’re expecting soon. Keep in touch, okay?



I smiled and set down the letter. I opened up the letter from uncle Geoff.

Dear Alice,

Liam told me that you forgave Niall and that Liam practically almost killed him back in 2010. Anyways, I found some old pictures of you and Liam as kids. Then of of you, Liam and Niall after bootcamp. I’ll see you soon!

- uncle Geoff

Lastly I opened up the letter from my dad.

Alice -

I know that you probably still mad at me for cheating on your mother. I also know that Lindsey told you about your first half-sibling. You have to talk to me at some point but not until you’re ready. I’ve seen you in the press and I thought that they’d stop following you by now, but I was wrong. I don’t want our relationship to fall apart, unless it already did.

- Dad

I knew that my dad would write something like that. He’s practically always thinking about his new family and he rarely talks to me and my mom. I’m surprised that he even sent me a letter. I then focused on the box. It was a long box and there was a blue ribbon wrapped around. My favorite color is blue and the only person that would sent me something in a long box with a blue ribbon is Niall. I unraveled the ribbon and took off the lid. There laid one rose and a note. I picked up the note and it said:


Meet me at the park, at 7 o'clock.


He never said what I should wear. I looked at the time and noticed that it was four o'clock. I ran to my bathroom and hopped into the shower.

I turned off the water and went to my closet to chose my outfit. I picked out some dark washed skinny jeans, a nice blue shirt and my ballet flats. I blow dryer my hair and plugged in my hair curler.

"Alice!" Veronica yelled.

"Yes?" I responded.

"Someone's here for you!"

I looked at the clock and I had about an hour.

"Tell them I'll be right now, but I'm going somewhere in an hour so I'm getting ready!"


I did a little make up and started on my hair. Since my hair goes down to my mid-back, and is layered it takes me about a half hour to basically curl it. I grabbed my phone and walked down stairs. There father.

“Why are you here?” I asked.

“I’ve come to see my eldest daughter,” he responded.

“ you’ve finally come to see me after about four years. After you cheated on mom for like more than a year. Having two children with my now ex-best friend.”

“I didn’t mean to, but your mother didn’t want anymore children a few years after you were born.”

“Maybe it’s because all you cared about was your directing career and I never saw you. The only time I did was for Christmas and my birthday. You never cared about me or mom! You probably were seeing Lindsey’s mom for longer than you told mom and me.”

“I know...I made a mistake...but that’s why I’m here. I want your trust again.”

“You know what you need? A reality check! You don’t understand what you did to mom and me. You’re a colassial a** and get out of my house.”

I pointed towards the door and he took it. I sat down on the couch and looked at my phone. I noticed that it was six-fifty five. I grabbed my car keys and ran out the door. I drove towards the park, the park that I’m guessing that Niall wanted me to meet him at. I locked my door, and saw petal’s leading me down a path. I followed about a hundred or so petals, until I hit a candle lit picnic. I smiled and saw Niall standing there with another rose. I felt like I was on the Bachelor. He took my hand and brought me close to him.

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

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