My Decision


4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

It's been about a few weeks since the whole Barbara incident. Niall and the guys have been trying to talk to me. I've been ignoring all of there calls and whenever they come over.

I was scrolling through my Instagram timeline, when I saw that Niall posted a new picture. He had gotten a hair cut and he almost looked like Miley Cyrus. I dialled Veronica's number. It rang three times before she answered.

"Hello," she said.

"Hey...where are you??" I asked.

"Heading back home...why?"

"I'm worried that Niall's going to come over and want me back. He got a new haircut so I'm figuring that Barbara broke up with him."

"Okay...I'm at a stop light....OH MY GOD!"


"Niall's haircut looks like Miley Cyrus's!!"

"How can you see him?"

"He's walking towards our house! Be careful!"

I ran to the front door and locked it. I closed all of the blinds. I turned down the telly and sat and waited. Veronica was still on the phone and I could tell that she was following Niall. I lowered my volume and then I heard the doorbell go off. I quietly set down my phone and slowly walked to the front door. I saw through the peep hole that Niall was standing there. He was holding...

"A bouquet of roses?" I thought.

I re-looked through the peep hole and I saw Veronica getting out of her car. I quickly and quietly grabbed my phone and bolted up stairs. I went to my room and turned up my phone volume a little.

(V - Veronica N - Niall)

(V) "Hey Niall"

(N) "Hey Veronica."

(V) "What brings you here?"

(N) "I wanted to apologise to Alice for the whole Barbara incident.

(V) "Okay..."

(N) "Can I see Alice?"

(V) "No...I'm sorry."

(N) "Why?"

(V) "Shes been through enough Niall drama at the moment."

(N) "Okay...can you give her these."

I heard the flowers being passed and then footsteps leaving the front porch. The front door opened and I ended the phone call when Veronica. I quietly walked down the stairs and saw Niall standing there.

"What did Veronica do?"

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