My Decision


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I was awoken by Veronica yelling at me to get up. She’s usually never up before me and yet she was jumping on my bed.

"Veronica...what do you want?" I asked sleepily.

"Liam called. He wants you to meet him at the beach around noon. He says it's a surprise and he wants you to bring me," Veronica told me.

"So...what time is it?"


"Why didn't you wake me earlier!?!?"

I jumped out of bed and started looking for the right swimsuit and cover up. I found my blue bikini and my pink sundress cover up. My bonking had a design of diamonds, and each diamond was blue with a black background. I slipped on my pink sundress and grabbed my sandal's. Veronica was leaning against my doorframe. I grabbed my sunglasses and the beach bag that was at Veronica's feet. She grabbed the keys and we headed towards the car.

It took us about ten minutes for us to reach the beach. I was scrolling through my pictures, when I got to one of Niall and me. I smiled and I felt a tear slide down my cheek.

" okay?" Veronica asked.

"Yeah...just fine..." I responded.

We got out of the car and I slipped on my sunglasses. We walked to the sand and we searched for the boys. I saw Liam running towards us.

"I hope Liam and the lads don't see my forever and always tattoo that's under my bikini in the back," I thought.

It's under my strap in the upper middle of my back. Liam kept running towards us and I saw Barbara laying down on a towel...suntanning.

"Alice!" Liam yelled.

He met up with us. He was explaining how Barbara doesn't know that I'm coming. I could tell that Barbara doesn't like me at all.

"Alice!" Louis yelled.

Barbara propped herself on her elbows and lowered her sunglasses. She saw us and layer back down. I saw Niall sitting in a chair next to her. Veronica set our items down, and I laid out the blanket. I slid off my sundress, and I laid down on the blanket. I was reading a book, until u felt a drop of water land on my leg. I closed my book, and looked. Liam stood looking over me and I got up. He grabbed my waist and threw me over his shoulder. He ran towards the ocean and dropped me in. I screamed when I fell. I practically fell to the bottom and then I came back up. I saw Liam I quietly swam under water. I grabbed his feet and pulled his feet towards me. I felt his body hit the water. I went back up and started laughing at Liam. He came back to the surface and tried to grabbed me. I was too quick though. I was already close to my blanket.

I was laughing while I was running, and I ran into someone. I heard someone scream while they fell. I stop and noticed that I accidentally hit Barbara.

"Why did you do that b*****!" She yelled.

"I didn't mean too. I didn't see you," I responded.

"Sure you didn't. Your a snobby girl who just wants Niall all to herself. Why don't you stay away from Niall you little b****."

I got tears in my eyes. Niall walked over and I ran away. I grabbed the blanket, the bag and Veronica. I went to the car and that's when my tears fell. Veronica drove me home and I cried for basically the rest of the night.

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