My Decision


17. Chapter 15

Alice’s POV

After Liam took Niall to the spare bedroom I grabbed some chips. I headed back up to my room and turned the telly back on. I watched the telly until Liam came back into the room. He set a pillow on the floor along with a blanket. I knew that he didn’t want to share the same bed as a seven month pregnant cousin.

“ everything okay?” I asked.

“Yeah...everythings fine. There’s nothing to worry about,” He responded.

I knew that Liam was lying but I didn’t want to ask him anything because I knew that he’s tired and he doesn’t want to be asked many questions when he’s tired. I fell asleep a few minutes after I shut off the telly.

I woke up the next morning and breakfast was sitting next to me. There was a note and it was from Niall.

Alice -

    Meet me at the park at noon...I really need to talk to you about something important

                                - Niall

“What the h***” I thought. “Why does want to meet me after what happened yesterday??”

If you guys are wondering, yes I am still pissed off at Niall. Liam’s still passed out on the floor and I took the breakfast downstairs. Veronica and my mum were sitting at the bar counter in the kitchen.

“Hey Alice…” Veronica and my mum said in unison.

“Hi…” I replied.

“What happened to Niall?” Veronica asked.

“He kind of...walked out on me because he found out that I have stage one lung cancer.”

“Oh...because I saw him come in and out for like an hour this  morning…” my mum said.

“Well...he wants me to meet at the park at noon and I don’t know why…”


                Skips to Noon

I waddled to the park and saw Niall sitting on a park bench. One of the girls kicked and I lightly chuckled to myself.  Niall smiled when he saw me and smiled. He took my hands and we sat down on the bench.

“Alice…” He said. “I have something to tell doesn’t want us seeing each other anymore...because you’re pregnant…”

“What!?!?” I exclaimed.

“Yeah that’s what I said when Liam told me...I know that you’re pissed at me for yesterday and now this...I’m really sorry!”

Niall started crying and I gave him a hug. The babies were kicking like crazy and I found out why because Niall moved his hand to my belly. Fans spotted us and asked for our autographs. I knew that Niall didn’t want to hurt me more than he already has.  

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