My Decision


16. Chapter 14

“Niall?” A tired voice asked behind me.

I turned and saw Alice. Her hair was in a very messy bun and she was leaning against the wall. She looked like she’s been crying, a lot. I set down my water and looked at her very contently.

“I’m sorry for walking out earlier...I needed to think and I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I love you and I never want to hurt you again. I want to be here for you and the girls,” I told Alice.

“Niall…” Alice responded.
“Please just hear me out…”

“Alice?” I heard Liam say. “Who are you talking to?”

Liam walked down and saw me standing in the kitchen. He glared at me and grabbed Alice’s arm. She wouldn’t walk back to her bedroom with him. Alice kept her eyes on me and her hands on her stomach. I didn’t know what else to say except to look at her and it looked like Liam wanted to kill me.

Liam’s phone started ringing and he left the room. Alice walked over to me but didn’t take my hand. She stood by me and looked at me with sorrow filled eyes.

“Niall...I know that you feel hurt, but I’m hurt too. I need to be able to have complete trust in you, so then I can make sure that you can raise the girls with me and not just me.”


“I need you to tell me that you’re okay with me going through chemo and or getting surgery for my cancer…”
Liam walked back in. He dragged me out of the room and into a spare bedroom. He typed something on his phone and showed it to me.

Management wants you and Alice to break up…

I typed back:

Why? Just because Alice is pregnant?

(L) Yeah...basically

(N) That’s bull

(L) I know...I tried fixing it but they said you guys have to otherwise the band is going to lose their record label

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