My Decision


15. Chapter 13

Chapter 13

"Congratulations! You're girls!"

"Wait...did you say baby girls?" Liam asked,

"Yes. Congratulations!"

Dr. Lopez walked out of the room and Addyson gave me a paper towel to get the blue gel stuff off of my stomach. I'm happy that I'm having girls but I'm scared that Niall's going to leave me because I didn't tell him that I have cancer and now I have to tell him I'm having twins. I saw Liam pull up Niall’s contact. He started driving and then I could tell by his facial expression that he wasn’t happy with Niall. I kind of looked at my phone and gripped the ultrasound photo that Addyson gave me. I had a card at home that I'm going to give to Niall.

"You don't understand Niall...Alice kept it from you for a reason because she didn't want you worrying until after the baby was born," I heard Liam say. "Yeah. You ditched my cousin and you missed the ultrasound. No you can't turn back time because you're being a total dose bag! You have to come apologise to Alice yourself when you're ready to come back!"

He hit end and set down his phone. He grabbed my hand and I then realised that Liam was very calm about Niall walking out on me.

We got back to the house and my mum wasn't there. I walked into my room and grabbed the card. I wrote:

Niall ~

Here's the ultrasound picture that you missed. You can figure out how many kids were are having but it's a girl! Hope you think what you are going to do through.

~ Alice

I took a picture of the ultrasound and then I slipped the ultrasound picture into the card. I wrote Niall's name on the envelope and put the card in it. I walked down stairs and set the card on the table thing in the foyer. I went to the kitchen and got some ice cream then grabbed some movies. I locked my bedroom door and put in the movies. I was heartbroken that Niall didn't really comfort me about my cancer but I could see how he was feeling at the same time.

I realised that I grabbed the DVD's of footage of Niall and I fooling around. I started crying and Liam texted me to let him in. I needed someone to comfort me and Niall can't do that anymore. I unlocked the door and Liam came in. He closed the door and re locked it. I went to go change the DVD but it was too late. Liam saw Niall goofing around with me and making me laugh.

" shouldn't be watching this..." He said.

"I thought it was a movie and then you texted me and I didn't get to change it," I responded.

"Here let me."

Liam got up and switched the DVD's. He put in The Notebook. I absolutely love this movie and I would watch it everyday if I could. I could my eyes start to get very heavy. Next thing I knew everything was black and I heard the movie continue to play.

Niall's POV:

I wandered for hours on end. I needed to clear my mind. I can't believe Alice kept this from me....

"Alice is pregnant...with lung cancer...." I thought.

I couldn't control my emotions. I needed to talk to someone that can help me through this. Someone who won't try to kiss me.

"Barbara's off the list definitely...could I go talk to Zayn and Perrie??"

I started walking towards Zayn's house. I flipped my hood up and walked until I hit Zayn's dead end street. I could tell Zayn was he because his first floor lights were on and I could see Perrie in the kitchen making dinner. I knocked and Zayn let me in. Perrie handed me some water and some of their dinner. I came clean and Perrie reassured me to go back to Alice's place but give her some space.

I thanked them and headed back to Alice's. Once I got back to Alice’s, all of the lights were out. I unlocked the front door, and flipped on the light. I set down my keys and saw an envelope with my name on it. I opened it and saw it Alice had written me something. Then a picture fell out, and it was the ultrasound. I noticed that the ultrasound showed twins.

“I’m a father to twins…” I whispered.

I ran my hand through my hair and grabbed a bottle of water. I heard footsteps come down the stairs and I continued looking at the ultrasound picture.

“Niall?” A tired voice asked behind me.

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