My Decision


14. Chapter 12

Chapter 12

I woke up and realised that I had to go to the doctor today. I grabbed my phone and texted my friend, Addyson that's my normal nurse when I visit the hospital. I told her to tell the doctor that Niall doesn't know that I have cancer and that in telling him as soon as possible.

"Love...why are you up so early?" Niall asked in his morning voice.

It's deep and he sounds like he doesn't want to lose the one that he love at all.

"We have to go to the hospital...remember?" I responded.

He rolled out of bed and grabbed some clothes from his suitcase and walked into the bathroom.

"Usually I'm the one that changes in the bathroom," I thought. "I hope he isn't cheating on me..."

I quickly changed and walked downstairs. Niall's taking longer to change now and I don't understand why. Mum was on the kitchen and Liam was still there. I gave him a hug and kissed his cheek. I really wanted to talk to him about Niall, but I didn’t know how.

"Liam...Niall's been acting weird lately. Do you think you could talk to him at the hospital?" I asked.

"Yeah, just let me go get changed."

Liam ran up the stairs and I poured myself a bowl of cereal. Mum came and sat next to me. She noticed that something was bugging me a lot, that I wasn’t eating. I didn’t really want to talk about it with my mom that very second.

“Honey...what’s going on with you and Niall?” She asked.

“I don’t know. I feel like he’s be ignoring everything I’m saying and he’s always on his phone,” I replied.

“Does he know about your cancer?”

“No...I haven’t told him yet, but I’m telling him soon. I wanted to tell him before but he wouldn’t answer my calls and then I told him that I was pregnant…”

“Honey…” My mom grabbed my hand. “You should tell him after the hospital trip. You can’t hide it forever.”

"I know mum...I'll tell him in a little bit."

"You don't have too Alice," Niall said.

He walked out of the house. Tears formed in my eyes and my mum gave me a hug. Liam walked down the stairs and saw me. I then realised that Niall wasn't going to come to the hospital and that it was just me and Liam. I calmed myself down by the time we parked in the hospital parking lot. Liam checked me into the hospital and Addyson called me a few minutes later.

"Where's Niall?" She asked

"He found out that I have cancer and walked out," I replied.

"Oh. So you brought Liam with you?"

"Yeah. I asked him to come."

She opened the door for me and Liam. Addyson told me to lay down on the bed. Dr. Lopez walked in and lifted up my shirt. Addyson got the computer ready and Dr. Lopez spread some blue gel onto my stomach. He brought out the tool for the ultrasound. He moved it around until he found the baby.

"Congratulations! You're having...."

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