My Decision


13. Chapter 11

Chapter 11

There stood...


There stood Niall's family. Theo was wearing his winter jacket holding onto Denise's hand.

"Alice!!!" He exclaimed.

I'm surprised he even knows who I am. I gave everyone hugs and Maura was very excited that I was having a child. I have a doctors appointment two days after Christmas at the hospital that way I know how many kids I'm going to have and what gender.  

"How are you Alice?" Maura asked.

"Good. Mums been here a lot to help me when I'm all alone," I responded. "How are you Maura?"

"I'm good...I can't believe that it's only been five months since Niall told me that you were pregnant."

"Yeah...I was very surprised too..."

"I remember when I told Greg that I was pregnant," Denise said joining the conversation.

"What was his reaction?" I asked.

"His eyes grew really big and then he started getting really excited and yeah."

Theo wanted to come and sit on my lap, so I picked him up. He gently touched my tummy and then went his way onto giggling. He's so adorable and I can believe that one day he could be my nephew.

"Alice!!" My mum yelled.

"Yes mum!?!" I responded.

"I need your help in the kitchen!"

I set Theo on the ground to play with his toys and walked to the kitchen. My mum was chopping some vegetables and fruit. I could tell that she was getting really stressed just making a medium sized dinner. I helped my mum finish cutting up the fruits and vegetables when the doorbell rang. Mum walked out of the kitchen and got the door. Veronica was gone visiting her family up in northern England.

“Alice!! Someone here’s to see you!!” Mum yelled.

I walked to the front door and saw Liam and his sisters. Uncle Goeff and Aunt Karen. I hugged all of them, and Liam took all of the presents that they brought, and set ehm under the tree.

Skips dinner and straight to opening presents

I had about ten or so different presents in front of me. I picked the one from my mum and I ripped the wrapping paper off. It was some baby clothes and a picture frame for a photo of the baby after he or she is born. Then I opened up the rest of the presents. Everyone else went and my mum came back with a huge present. She handed it to me and I saw that it said: For Niall and Alice, From Mum Ericson

I ripped the wrapping paper off and Niall saw a scrapbook type thing. On the cover was a recent picture of Niall and I.  I opened the first page and it was me as a little kid and then Niall as a little kid. Each page was us growing up and then meeting each other. I had some tears steaming down my face. On one page was the six month anniversary that Niall and I had before we broke up. Then my mum had a page of us getting back together and the last few pages was from the past few days. My favourite picture that my mum put in there, was Niall had his arms around my stomach, my hands on top of his and I'm looking up at him. I felt Niall kiss my cheek and I smiled. His hand found mine and we finished looking at the scrapbook.

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