My Decision


12. Chapter 10 & A/N

Chapter 10

Christmas Eve

I woke up to Niall playing with my hair. I slowly rolled over onto my side and smiled at him. I didn't know that Niall liked to play with my hair. I could teach him how to braid my hair or put it into a pony tail or a bun.



"When do you leave?"

"A few days after Christmas."

"Oh okay."


"Just want to know how many days I can spent with my boo."


Niall kissed my forehead and got up. He grabbed some clothes for both of us. Niall set my clothes on the bed and went into the bathroom. I laid in bed and went through my notifications on my phone. I've gotten a ton of twitter, Instagram and Facebook followers or friend requests.

"Alice!" Niall yelled from the bathroom.

"Yes babe?" I responded.

I slowly got up and walked close to the door. My stomach got bigger like overnight.

"Why is there water on this floor??"

He opened the door, and I waddled in. There was water all around the shower and bathtub.

"Mum!!!" I yelled.

She ran in and saw all of the water. She knew exactly what to do and walked out. I knew that she was calling a plumber. I quickly got changed and Niall guided me down stairs. Veronica was making breakfast and she saw us. She smiled but said nothing else. I noticed a package on the counter and I looked at the label. It's from Los Angeles and from my...old house.

"You alright love?" Niall asked.

"Yeah...I'm fine..." I responded.

"Who's the package from?"

"My father..."

My hands formed a fist, but I calmed down once the doorbell rang. Niall went to go get it and there was some commotion. I walked, more like waddled to the front door. There stood...



I totally thought I published Chapter 10! I'm such an idiot sometimes but I'm guessing it's because of school and all of that nonsense. So I am almost done with Chapter 11 (as you may have seen in my mumbles) and I'm really excited for you guys to keep reading! Luv y'all!


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