Truly, Madly, Deeply

Carlee Peyton, a 17 year old girl, moves to England. In her eyes, One Direction is everything.
She thinks it's going to be the same as going to a regular new school. Until she finds herself in the same school and grade as One Direction.
Will her dream boy, Liam Payne, fall for her? Will she fall for a different 1D boy?


4. First Day Of School

I woke up turned my alarm off and checked my messages. I only had one. It was from Tristan. My boyfriend. We've been dating for about two and a half years. We've only broke up twice but only for like ten minutes both times. He text me and told me to FaceTime him. He sent the text about fifteen minutes ago. I got on FaceTime and called him. He answered about a minute later.

"Hey! I miss you so much!" He said making a little frowny face. I laughed.

"I miss you too. I love you bæ!" I told him.

"Love you too! I wish I could come put there for maybe a week or so. We could get some alone time." He said. I laughed because he didn't mean sex. He just meant snuggling and kissing and hugging and talking to each other spending time with each other. Yeah we've had sex maybe one and a half times but not like fifty times a day or when ever we are alone. We just aren't like that. Everybody knows that.

"I gotta get ready for school." I told him.

"You don't have to go! We can still talk while your getting ready can't we?" He whined.

"I guess." I took my phone and sat it on the bathroom sink in my little holder thing. "Is this good?" I asked him. I was wondering if he could see me.

"Yep. Perfect." He said. I laughed and started to brush my hair and straighten it. "Gosh. Now I know why girls are always late for school." He laughed. "Because y'all always take to long to primp."

"Well I have to look good for you honey!" I giggled. He laughed too.

"I don't care how you look. As long as I get to look at you." He said.

"You know what?" I said.

"What?" Tristan said smiling like an idiot.

"Your the sweetest person ever. And, Your face is getting red!" I laughed. He put his head down laughing. It was so cute. "Oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you. One Direction goes to my school." He looked up at me.

"Really?" He said kind of sad.

"It's ok baby. Your way hotter than any of them!" I said.

"Really?" He said giggling. I knew he was. He knew it too. "I got to go but I'll FaceTime you tonight honey." I said. He puckered his lips up to the screen. I laughed and kissed the screen while he was. He got off and I went to school.

When I got there I was already nervous as hell.

"Hey! Carlee right?" Someone yelled. I turned to look and it was Niall Horan.

"Ummmmmmm.... Yeah. Right." I said nervously. He giggled and walked with me to my locker that I got yesterday.

"So..... Who's class your in?" He asked.

"Uh. Mrs. Rebecca." I said nervously back to him.

"Hey! Me too!" He said excitedly.

"Cool!" I said high pitched. He looked right into my eyes and I looked right into his. We just stood there for about thirty seconds until Liam Payne walked to us!

"Hey mate!" Liam said. "Who's your new friend? Oh. Wait. Your Carlee. The one who walked in on us yesterday."

"Uh. Yeah. Sorry about that." I told him. I wanted to scream because I was talking to Liam Payne! But I didn't. But I was screaming on the inside.

"No worries darling." Liam said. I can't believe Liam just called me darling!

"Hey I'm gonna go to my locker and grab my books. I'll meet you in Mrs. Rebecca's room." Niall said to me.

"Ok!" I cheered.

I walked into Mrs. Rebecca's room and looked around. I saw two empty seats in the back. So I walked back there and sat in one of them hoping Niall would sit beside me.

Niall's P.O.V

I walked into the classroom looking for Carlee. I saw her sitting in the back by herself. So I went and sat beside her.

"I'm back!" I said to her. She was drawing her name in her notebook.

She suddenly looked up at me and said, "Oh. Hey."

"Hey." I said up her. "Um so Carlee. Do you wanna hang out after school?" I asked her nervously.

"Sure! But only for an hour or so I gotta go back and help my mom move somethings." She told me. I wanted to jump up dancing. She is so pretty. I wonder why she don't have a boyfriend?

The rest of the day was good. I guess. Me and Carlee are in most of our classes together.

"My car is over here." I told her. She ran over and jumped in. And started driving to McDonalds.

Carlee's P.O.V.

OMG! I can't believe that in in the same car as Niall Horan! I could get used to this.

He kept looking over at me and smiling. I think he kind of likes me!

"So, tell my about yourself. Where are you from. What's your favorite color. Do you have a boyfriend. Where do you live." Niall said. OMG! Did he just ask my if I have a boyfriend? I think he did!

"Um. I'm from Tennessee, USA. My favorite color is blue. I have a boyfriend. And right now I live in a hotel for the next few weeks." I told him.

"What's your boyfriends name?" Niall asked me.

"Tristan." I told him nervously.

"Cool." He said kinda weird.

After that there was an awkward silence. Until a One Direction song came on. Then, right when it went off we pulled into McDonalds.

We hopped out and went in and ate. We didn't really talk much though.

A after we left it was about 7:30 p.m. and it was getting dark. So he drove my to the hotel and walked me to my hotel room.

He looked into my eyes and started to smile. He leaned in and kissed my cheek. I knew I was starting to blush. He turned to walk off but I grabbed his hand. And he turned back facing me. I grabbed his other hand and looked at him. He started to lean in. So I did to. We kissed for about 10 seconds.

"Bye." He said.

"Bye" I laughed.

I walked into the room. Mom was sitting on her bed watching TV. I went into the bathroom and took a shower. Then got dresses and went down to the lobby and got some coffee and went outside where the pools at to FaceTime Tristan.

I called him and I guess it was on automatic answer because it just popped up. Tears started running down my face. Tristan was there. So was Mary Beth Thomas. His ex girlfriend. They were both giggling and kissing she started to push him down on the bed and taking her shirt off. He was in his underwear and she was in her bra and panties. He started to take his underwear off until I said something.

"Really!" I yelled. "Really? Mary Beth. That slut! Really?" I kept saying. I started crying and told him that we were done.

I waited a few minutes until mom had to leave for her new job that she for got the night shift. After she left I ran up to the room and called Niall. He was over there on 10 minutes. He busted the door open and jumped on the bed and put my head on his chest. I had already told him what happened on the phone. We laid there for a while until we both fell asleep.

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