Truly, Madly, Deeply

Carlee Peyton, a 17 year old girl, moves to England. In her eyes, One Direction is everything.
She thinks it's going to be the same as going to a regular new school. Until she finds herself in the same school and grade as One Direction.
Will her dream boy, Liam Payne, fall for her? Will she fall for a different 1D boy?


2. England So Far

"Wow! I think this is gonna be a nice place to live. What do you thing Carlee?"

I could barley hear mom. One of my favorite One Direction songs were playing. Truly, madly, deeply. Liam's part was fixing to play. It was my favorite. He was my favorite. Mom jerked one of my head phones out of my ear. Should I put coffee and....... Did she really have to do that? I looked at her. She could tell I was annoyed. She looked at me the same way I look at her every time she does that to me.

"I hope you know that Liam was singing when you did that." "OH MY GOSH!" She said loudly. I looked around to see of anybody heard her. They didn't. "The worlds gonna end now!" She started to quiet down a little bit. I looked at her with a "did you really have to say that" face. She looked at me the same way. We stood there for about three minutes starring at each other. I stopped first because I wanted to listen to One Direction

. "Are you serious?" She said. "Agghhh!" She whined and walked away. I smiled a little bit because I knew she was sorta mad then followed her.

We waited for our bags to come and I was pretty much half asleep because I was watching One Direction videos most of the flight. I started to dose off until someone started shaking me.

"Carlee?" It sounded like my mom but I wasn't for sure. "Wake up honey I got our bags. But I'm still waiting for my little blue one."

"Ummm. Ok." I was out in like thirty seconds after that. When I woke up, I wasn't so tired.

We got to the hotel room and ordered some pizza from Papa John's. We just ate and watch TV until Macy, my best friend, face timed me.

" Hey! I miss you so much already! What's England like? Do you know if Zayn is there? What are you doing right now?" She paused for a few seconds. "Why aren't you answering any of my questions!?"

" Because you won't stop talking!"

"Ok sorry. You can talk now." She said calming down a little bit.

Macy is as big as a Directioner as I am. She loves Zayn.

"Ok. Now that your calmed down. Hey! I miss you too! England is great! I don't know if One Direction is here. All I'm doing right now is eating and watching TV." I said really fast.

"Ok. Cool." She said.

We just sat there looking at each other an looking away. I guess she was watching TV too. Every once in awhile, she would laugh.

"What are you watching?" Macy asked me.

"I really don't know. It's some show about cops." I told her.

"Awesome." She said.

My mom started whispering to me from across the room. She said that I needed to get off and go to bed. It was about 10:30 p.m. I told Macy I had to go and she said she had to too.

"Night mom. Why are we doing tomorrow?" I asked.

"House hunting!" She tried to say excitedly. "Don't that sound fun!"

"It sure does mom!" I was talking like she did. She looked at me and said goodnight. And I fell asleep in about a minute.

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