Catch me

A cute story about a girl who hates her life and wants to end it but is saved by the doctor.


2. The Dream

When she was dreaming she felt free and it was the only time Alice truly felt happy and free. The only time she could be herself. But this dream was different it felt so real like a memory but she didn’t really remember it. She knew that the person that she was watching the dream through was her but she looked so different not older or younger like a different person all together. She ignored this when her figure started moving she was her bedroom but when she walked out of the door instead of being in her house she was in a vast hallway that seemed to trail on forever and ever their where strange bits of coral stick out of the walls and the whole room seemed to be moving slightly there was a slight sound of humming engines in the background. She was taking in the scenery when a man in a long coat and a pinstriped suit ran into the hallway “Alice there you are I’ve been looking for you. Didn’t you hear me yelling?” her figure responded “with sorry no I must have been day dreaming”  then the strange man grabbed her hand and practically dragged her down the hallway but right when the hallway started to open up into a large room she jolted awake it had been about three hours it was time for her to go.

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